<p>GPA: 4.06
SAT: 1470
M2C: 790
Chem: 790
Writing: 670
French: 640</p>

<p>top 15%</p>

<p>About 225 total comm hours
president of rowing club
volunteer head at local service center
service trip to 3rd world country
golf team for 3 years
baseball freshman year</p>

<p>APs last year
Bio AP 3
Phys AP 5
Calc AB 4
Gov AP 3</p>

<p>APs this year
US Hist
Calc BC

<p>what are my chances at:

<p>GPA is a little low for most of these schools, SAT's really good, the class rank might hurt you, I've heard that some of these colleges pretty much only except top 10%.
I think most of these could possibly be a slight reach, but UCSD could be a match.
This is just my opinion.</p>

<p>CA resident?</p>

<p>yeah CA resident. first generation in college too.</p>

<li>UCB <a href="reach">i</a></li>
<li>UCLA <a href="reach">i</a>
<li>UCSD <a href="possible%20match">i</a></li>
<li>Cornell <a href="possible%20match%20/%20reach">i</a>
<li>Stanford <a href="reach">i</a></li>
<li>Johns Hopkins <a href="possible%20match%20/%20reach">i</a>
<li>Harvard <a href="reach">i</a></li>
<li>Harvey Mudd <a href="match">i</a>


<p>UCB: Slight Reach
UCLA: Slight Reach
UCSD: Match</p>

<p>Cornell: Slight Reach
Stanford: Reach
Johns Hopkins: Slight Reach
Harvard: Reach
HarveyMudd: Match</p>