UCBerkeley math...

<p>How competitive is Berkeley's math major? Certainly not as bad as EE, I hope.</p>

<p>Unlike the College of Engineering, when you apply to the College of Letters and Science (which is where the math department is) you do not apply directly to a department. You do not even have to specify a major.</p>

<p>? Upon looking at the application, they have a required section to put an intended major, correct? Somehow, I'm not getting any of the right info. about Berkeley.</p>

<p>It's intended major.</p>

<p>All L&S students are undeclared at first with the intention of changing to their respective majors.</p>

<p>DarkPyr0, so if I applied under Neurobiology (L&S), as of right now I'm not technically in that major? I can change easily then?</p>

<p>if you are in letters and science, you can pretty much choose whichever major you want; as long as you don't apply to the other colleges.</p>

<p>Since we've sort of been directed to the subject....any current or prospective Berkeley math majors here? Anyone know much about the department? Thanks.</p>

<p>Bump. </p>

<p>Aw come on, there has to be a few other math geeks out there! I can't be the only one planning to spend the rest of their life in the Evans Hall common room at afternoon tea...Right?</p>

<p>Its one of the greatest math programs in the world. The faculty over there is evidence of this.</p>

<p>math 1a, 1b, 53, and 54 are required by all engineers and math majors, therefore you can conclude that these classes are equally "competitive"</p>

<p>Yes it's competetive.</p>

<p>Who's in Math 53, the 2 -3 PM on MWF one? I'm not but I heard that on the first midterm 39 - 40/40 was an A, 38 was an A-, 37 was a B+, and so on cuz most ppl scored 40? LoL CRAZY!</p>

<p>sometimes the profs make the tests too easy and then over compensate the next test with much harder questions</p>

<p>generally, its better to have a harder test, since the median is lower and grades can be distributed better</p>