UCD A Cappella groups?

<p>Hi, I’m most likely going to attend Davis this coming fall. Due to a series of events, I like to sing but have never had formal lessons, joined a school choir, and only have had singing experience with my A Cappella club at school. Due to this circumstance, I can’t sight-sing notes and have limited experience improvising harmonies (I can harmonize just fine if it’s rehearsed in advance), and I must say, while I’m decent within my club, I feel I’m far too inexperienced for a college choir (also due to the fact I hide my singing, I have a bad habit of singing too weakly/quietly D:).
What would I have to prepare if I wanted to join a singing group at Davis? Or more importantly, do I even have a chance?</p>

<p>My roommate is in The Afterglow (an all male A Cappella group) and it seems like it was relatively competitive. But I think they really are checking for how you sound with the group and if you can sing on key. You could maybe email some of the A Cappella groups on campus and ask what their auditioning processes are. The ones I know of are:</p>

<p>The Afterglow (all male)
The Lounge Lizards (co-ed)
The Spokes (all female)
Liquid Hotplates (co-ed)</p>

<p>You don’t need extensive singing experience to join an a capella group at UCD. For example, on the FAQ page for the Lounge Lizards (one of the a capella co-ed groups here at UCD), it says that some of their members have had no singing experience and have never sight-read before. During the audition (I’m only familiar with the Lounge Lizard and Liquid Hotplates auditions, and they’re both the same), you’ll be asked to sing a minute of a song of your choice, and then they’ll ask you to sing scales (one person of the a capella group will be sitting at a keyboard and they’ll pick a note at random. You are then asked to either sing up the scale or down the scale from the note given)</p>

<p>(btw, if you can beat-box, that’s a huge plus. They also want someone who can belt/sing out loud)</p>

<p>the ucd community is extremely lucky to have bobby mcferrin performing at the mondavi center on april 5!! the man is a true vocal genius. if you’re a vocalist (or just love the sound of singing), you have to see this man perform at least once in your lifetime.</p>

<p>[Mondavi</a> Center](<a href=“http://www.mondaviarts.org/]Mondavi”>http://www.mondaviarts.org/)</p>

<p>Oh okay thanks guys! This was all very informative. :)</p>

<p>Hey I’m interested in joining male acapella groups too! I’ll see you there =P</p>