UCD Admissions or anyone who knows

<p>When a student is calculating the quantity a-g courses do they count their sr year?</p>

<p>I don't think so. Pretty sure it is Freshman-Junior year classes.</p>

<p>Yes you do calculate your senior year.</p>

<p>You can also count a - g courses taken in middle school (i.e. algebra and geometry)</p>

<p>That makes sense collegemom I was having a hard time figuring how a student could get 55 a-g classes without their Sr year being included</p>

<p>Really?!?? Algebra from 8th grade counts???...cool, Does it figure into the GPA or just the a-g</p>

<p>Also add in any community college classes taken.</p>

<p>Algebra and Geometry taken in middle school figures into number of a - g classes taken :-)</p>

<p>GPA is only taken from 10th and 11th grade (add in summer school classes taken before 10th grade through summer after 11th grade as well). A-G comes from all classes taken from middle school through senior year.</p>

<p>Yes, Total A-G courses is calculated from all courses taken 9-12 years. I only need to clarify one thing; technically we are not considering courses taken in the 7 and 8 grade years. What happens is Validation, University</a> of California - Counselors , for those courses. By completing Algebra 2 in 9-12 grade years with a passing grade you validate Algebra 1, by competing pre-calc/trig or the equivalent in 9-12 grade years with a passing grade you can validate Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2.. Any student that completes two semesters of Pre-Calc/Trig with passing grades has 8 years of math completed; they might have completed these courses in the 7 grade, 8 grade or not at all. A similar system works with the Language other than English validation</p>

<p>So, my D who is currently in her second semester of precalc and will be taking AP Calc next year will have 10 semesters of math?</p>

<p>My post above should read "...has 8 semesters of math..." not years. Sorry for any confusion.</p>

<p>A student that completes Calculus should have 5 years or 10 semesters of math completed.</p>

<p>What about her twin sister who took Alg II last year as a sophomore but this year (Jr) is taking a bridge to Pre-Calc class called Math Analysis (it has some trig) and will be in Pre Calc next year (SR) not Calc. Is that an 8 or a 10?</p>

<p>bridge courses can become tricky. I would start by checking the UC approved course list to see if this courses is considered "a-g" and if so make sure it is a "c- Mathematics" course. The course list for your school can be found at <a href="https://doorways.ucop.edu/list/%5B/url%5D"&gt;https://doorways.ucop.edu/list/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>by the validation policy, does that mean it's ok if we can't remember what we took in middle school (alg or geo, etc.) if we just put down our final math class (ie precalc, calc)?</p>

<p>and does validation work for languages, since the basic levels could've been taken in middle school?</p>

<p>Thanks to UCD admissions and everyone else too</p>

<p>You need to list all courses taken in high school, of course; but, if you forget to list middle school courses you will be fine. Validation works for Mathematics and Language Other than English.</p>

<p>ok thanks UCD admissions</p>

<p>What about courses taken in High School that aren't A-G? Did we need to report them?</p>

<p>Because I only mentioned them in that one section that was about non A-G coursework. I didn't actually report them in my grades.</p>