UCD TAG acceptance question

<p>Is there anyone who had a TAG w/ UCD that did not get their acceptance yet? I have a family member that has a TAG w/ UCD and his application is still under review. Anyone else in the same situation?</p>

<p>haha hey long time no c luvtoolearn! I did not apply for UCD but ur family member should not worry!!</p>

<p>Hey there....great seeing your posts...it feels weird watching these threads all the time because of family... it feels like waiting anxiety all over again...I don't miss the wait thats for sure. I hope nothing is wrong w/ his TAG agreement. thanks for the boost though =)
btw do you have a facebook account?</p>

<p>yah actually i do and by the way im ganna head to Berkeley during spring break for tour.! let me add you to facebook!</p>