Ucd tag

<p>I was a few days late signing the UCD TAG, I knew you were supposed to do it sometime in September, but I didn't realize that it was like the 1st or 2nd day of September. My GPA isn't good, I signed the TAG with a 2.76 and I needed at least 2.8(though I amm doing really well in my fall classes and I'm retaking a math class this fall for a better grade). I never received an e-mail from UCD about the TAG. I was told to check the box no matter what happens on the UC app saying that I completed the TAG. So I got an e-mail last night saying that my app was received at UCD and reading the UC App acknowledgment thread here on this site the only people with a TAG got that e-mail. </p>

<p>So basically I'm wondering:</p>

<li>Did my TAG go through?</li>
<li>Do I have a chance in getting in? My major is meteorology/atmospheric science (not a very popular major i'm assuming) </li>


<p>did they send you an email regarding that they have recieved your tag or did the email contain the link to the uc davis tag website where they tell you , your tag has been accepted and make you sign electronically? The latter one means your tag has gone through and now you have to maintain the certain gpa.</p>

<p>No I have not received anything at all regarding my TAG. I know they send you something when you get accepted, but do they send one saying that you were denied?</p>