UCD/UCI Regents vs. UCLA/Cal/UCSD

<p>I received Chancellor’s/Regent’s scholarships to both UCI and UCD (full tuition - 7500 or so). I don’t receive any other aid in grants. I got accepted to San Diego, UCLA and Cal also. My first choice school was Columbia University in New York City and Cornell, I got accepted but my parents decided to not… pay for my schooling -_-, I’m going to be a biomedical engineering/pre-med kid, so I’m trying to decide on the schools in california. I’m from the Bay Area, and i’ve ruled out Berkeley as a school for me to go to - any suggestions? Parents didn’t let me know that I couldn’t go Ivy League until last night. Any thing will help!</p>

<p>hmmmm well quan, if money isn't a problem, i suggest you go to UCLA or Cal. if you want to party go to UCSD. if money is a problem go to Irvine or Davis.</p>

<p>My daughter is in a similar situation. She leans towards UCI. If you decide to go to UCI, please let me know. We also live in the bay area.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say that there is much partying at UCSD. Good luck with your decision May first is coming up!</p>

<p>you're mistaking UCSD for San Diego State...</p>

<p>^I agree. (random words to fulfill minimum word requirement)</p>

<p>party at ucsd? haha... not likely... integtyper must have gotten ucsd mixed up with sdsu. i would choose berkeley, but since the poster wants out of the bay area, i would then choose between ucsd or ucla. congrats by the way for getting accpeted to columbia.. that is quite an accomplishment, not that sd la and berkeley arent, but getting into columbia is quite an accomplishment.</p>

<p>wow, you really have some great great options! don't let the mere 7500 get you! where did you most wanted to go to when you applied? i'd say go to columbia but since your parents said you can't and money seems to be the problem then definitely cal.</p>

<p>Go to the college that you think will be the best fit - don't be swayed by the supposed prestige factor. You can get an excellent education at any of the UCs. </p>

<p>UCD is a top choice for many pre-meds - and the Regents program/IS is full of students that have declined acceptances to top-ranked UCs, Ivys etc. UCD also offers a biomedical engineering degree. Of all the UCs, UCD's environment is known to be friendly and supportive. Opportunities, especially for motivated students, are endless. Because UCD receives so much research $ (more than twice that of Irvine) most science faculty are on the look out for undergraduates to work in the labs. in fact, more than 3/4 of the students complete at least one internship prior to graduating. This gives premeds an edge when applying for grad school. A'm sure you are aware, the main criteria med schools look at is GPA - and they do not give more "points" depending on which UC you attended. </p>

<p>If you plan on med school, that will be a huge cost, so saving a minimum of $30K on the undergrad ($7500 *4 years - more if there is need...) would be a nice bonus. Also, living costs in Davis are much lower than at other UC cities.</p>

<p>Good luck on making your choice.</p>

hmmmm well quan, if money isn't a problem, i suggest you go to UCLA or Cal. if you want to party go to UCSD. if money is a problem go to Irvine or Davis.


you mean LAN Party, MIRITE!?! :p</p>

<p>THAT said, UCSD was my top UC choice because it had the ICAM Minor, which seemed great. it didnt hurt that it's engineering school is top ranked.</p>

<p>THAT said...i'm going to USC...</p>

<p>Prestige is another name for someone else's opinion. Out of High School everyone wants to go to the most prestigious school just because of the prestige. Bad idea, especially if you are a pre-med. A 3.5 at UCSD limits your options while a 3.8 at UCI is outstanding. The same amount of effort may have been put in, but med schools don't give a damn. Go to Ivy league schools for grad school, not undergrad. Plus $7,500 over 4 years is very good. The regents scholarship is something to be very proud of, take advantage of it.</p>

<p>ya go to cal state stanislaus for undergrad and harvard for grad school.. great idea mydreamweaver.... wow great advice. if what you are stating as fact no one would attend top ivy league schools for undergrad, especially if they wanted to go to a good grad school. </p>

<p>"Go to Ivy league schools for grad school, not undergrad."</p>

<p>-if you are know ivy league, you know their is a large amout of grade inflation. thus going to an avy league and having an inflated gpa their and having a prestigious undergrad degree would defiantly help you get into a top grad program.</p>

<p>"Prestige is another name for someone else's opinion."</p>

<p>-while prestige is deff overrated... it does exist. you must be an idealist to pretend it is non existent. and grad schools do look at and consider ones undergrad alumni, and it can make a difference in grad admission. only law schools dont not weigh ones undergrad alumni very heavilly.</p>

<p>ucchris you are either an a-hole or an f-ing cheerleader.</p>

<p>ya u got me.... i must be a ahole because i disagree with you. amazing</p>

<p>anyways you guys can stop with that, I made my decision - it was between Columbia and UCLA at the end and I chose UCLA. Tough decision i'm still kinda second guessing myself. I gave up the easy path (and the one that cost more money) for public school and more effort. It's ME that's gonna get ME into grad school, so I think if i keep up my focus on what i want to do, UCLA and Columbia won't matter. (just that it's warmer in UCLA and... the... mentality is different, although I love the eruditeness @ columbia)</p>

<p>go to cal and don't look back... that's what I did...</p>

<p>nice ucchris, but it's not that you disagree. It is the way in which you disagree. There is a difference.</p>

<p>UChris - You don't know what you're talking about. Asking ANY medical student or medical admissions officers. I've spoked to these people. They are experts. You aren't.</p>

<p>If you don't believe me, call up any med school.</p>

<p>just because i disagree with your ignorant statements does not meen that I am incorrect. explain to me once again where you think what i stated is incorrect, and validate your argument.</p>

<p>i love listening to uc davis kids telling others to choose davis over top tier uc's. this is hillarious.</p>