Hello, I am currently a transfer student at College of Alameda, I applied to UCLA, UCSD, UCI, and UCD. Waitlisted at UCLA, UCI and accepted into UCD and UCSD. I live in the bay about an hour away from UCD. I have grown up here and the bay is my home. I have only been to SD a couple times and know very little about the area besides that UCSD is in a beautiful rich beach town. I applied for Economics at both schools but am looking to switch to International Business at UCSD. I am informed that both schools are stem schools and neither are ideal for me. I am an only child and find it hard to leave my single mother here in the bay and move to San Diego to complete my bachelors, she told me that the choice is entirely mine to make and she would move in with my uncle if decide on SD. I have a family friend there willing to rent me a room for $500 a month which is an amazing deal for the location. At Davis I’d have to find housing and pay upwards of $600-700 monthly. I know that the education at UCSD for sure is better but doesn’t necessarily mean much either in the real working world. I think making connections would be much easier at Davis but the location is less than ideal with the largest financial city being in SF, meaning after graduating most people would scatter back to their origins. It is also a small town with little things to do unless I drive back to the bay or to Tahoe. However at UCSD I feel that the connections I make there would help me get a job quicker and be more reliable, the city is growing and there’s lots to shop/eat/do/etc. I guess the decisions really comes down to city life at UCSD and quality of life there, vs a comfortable life here, one that I’m used to where my family and friends are at UCD. If you guys have any input I’d love to hear it, sorry for the horrible writing my mind is in scrambles stressing on which school to go to.

I think you answered your question, UCSD seems to be the school you are leaning towards especially since International Business is what you want to purse and UCD does not offer you that option. Your friends and family will always be there, but venturing out of your comfort zone is a good thing.

Best of luck with your decision.

Davis, but I have a bias with my daughter’s experiences there and with my former students experiences at UCSD.

Thank you for the help! I think it is ideal for me to move out to SD, Explore a new part of the state and to find my own creative and independence. My family will always be home when I graduate you’re absolutely correct. Thank you!

I’d say UCSD, I know it is hard to leave home but I’m sure that you’ll have an amazing experience at UCSD. UCD is still a good option but doesn’t have the same level when it comes to international business (and economics to a certain extent).
It’s really up to you and both schools are outstanding, do what is best for YOU! Some people will say go there or go there but you need to feel the school, otherwise you will have a bad experience.
Good luck in making a decision!!