<p>Which school? Davis is much closer to home (I'm from San Francisco). The financial aid packages for both schools are about the same although San Diego has more loans. I don't know what I will be majoring in. Before, I was thinking engineering but that would a lot of classes at San Diego (I got into ERC). I might also be interested in Economics. Which school is better in different aspects like socially, academically, or anything else? My main concern about San Diego is the distance from home and San Diego's reputation as a "boring school" although is Davis boring? However, I'm not sure about the distance thing either because I don't know if I would visit home/get homesick.</p>

<p>One is a little more than an hour by plane the other a little more than an hour by plane. You need to visit the campuses and sense where you will feel more comfortable. Davis appeared more layed back San Diego during our recent visits. The Graduate Programs at UCSD seems to out rank UCLA in at least one international ranking.</p>

<p>Davis has better food.</p>

<p>I have visited both. I didn't really fall in love with either campus. They both seem cool.</p>

<p>Above I meant plane and then car...I shouldn't type and watch tv. abc123 I like Davis because I like the feel of the open grassy quad campus, my daughter picked Davis in part because she felt the food would meet her vegan needs better and because she felt the students looked more like people she would fit in with. Some People will pick Davis because of the Mondavi center or because their sports teams are about to bloom. For every good reason one person has to pick Davis, there is another person with an equally good reason to pick UCSD, high rankings, good professional school placement, ocean, Mexico.</p>

<p>You have to pick a school where you can learn and be productive at without sacrificing all personal joy. </p>

<p>If money is an issue, consider their financial aid packages and then the impact of travel on them. You would probably have two car or truck trips to bring stuff to and from college and the rest can be done on public transportation or from rides with other students.</p>

<p>Do you feel that you will want to be going home more than two or three times a semester? Will you be participating in events that you would want your family to attend? Will going to one mean that you would be broke but the other mean that you will be able to afford more things? </p>

<p>This is your decision, where can you picture yourself being most successful.</p>

<p>UCSD seems much more competitive and that would mean more work/more difficult classes? It would help if I knew what I wanted to major in but I don't. How does UCD and UCSD math and econ majors compare? Sigh I can't make a decision.</p>

<p>College is a 4 year journey, its more than just acedemics, it's the things outside of the classroom that you remember 20 years from now. College is the best time of your LIFE! So when looking at colleges, please don't just look at acedemics, look at the bigger picture! In my biased opionion...this is my take on "UCD vs UCSD"</p>

<p><em>I transferred most of this from an old post</em>
Anyways, UC Davis prides itself in having a very strong student life. If you want to go to college for the sole purpose of grades and a degree, go to UCI or UCSD and study to your hearts content. But if you want to enjoy college life, toss the Frisbee on the lawn, cheer on the newly DI Aggie sports teams, or party it up on Russell Avenue (Frat row, where MTV filmed the show "Sorority Life"), WHILE still having an academic atmosphere of one the top schools in the nation...GO TO UCD. Go visit UCI on any weekend, the school is really a commuter school, it is deserted, everyone goes home. If you're a hardcore partier go to UCSB, where you can party till you drop. But the most well rounded UC in the system with the greatest student life is Davis.
- DI sports with potential to grow. THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING TIME TO BE AT DAVIS as we're just going DI in sports. Everyone at UCD loves UCD, there is Aggie Pride everywhere, you just haven't heard of it because Davis hasn't had the chance to be big time. Next year we play Stanford in football and they are coming to Davis to play us in basketball. We're building a new football stadium, by the time an enrolling freshman is a senior, Davis athletics should be all over ESPN and the student crowds will easily rival Cal and LA.
- People at Davis are really friendly and really cool. The guys always open the doors for girls. If get in a bike accident, everyone stops and asks if your all right. It’s a friendliness not seen at other campuses, its Aggie Pride.
- Intramural Sports in Davis are huge and open for all skill levels. 16,000 students do IMs every year; from Dodgeball to Flag Football...the IMs are incredibly fun.
- Come on, what's more college esque than thousands of people biking to class everyday
- I could go on but this post is long enough...feel free to check my previous posts and other threads...a lot has been said by fellow Aggies on this topic
In the end, Davis is the last true college town left in California, it has that feel to it, and it has the vibe to it. It's an amazing school with amazing people...GO AGS!</p>

<p>And Check out these old posts about UCD vs UCSD</p>

<p><a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com...ead.php?t=42047%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com...ead.php?t=42047&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>