UCF chance?

3.4 UW and 3.8W
3 AP and 6 honors
1100 SAT score (Retaking in October)
President of a Writing/Music Club
in 2-3 clubs
Up ward trending GPA

Im not exactly sure what I am going to do in the future but it is going to involve Business and a little bit of computers/programming or engineering

Thanks in advance…

I’m not sure how UCF weighs OOS with instate. I know your SAT is below their average. If you can bring it up by 100 points or more, I think you’d have a shot. Have you tried Khan SAT prep?

Yea I got a 1210 on my recent SAT @UCFin2018

Great job! Keep the GPA up and I think you have a chance!

Thank you @UCFin2018