UCF College of Art & Design for Animation Fall 2021

Does anyone have insight into the UCF program specifically for a BFA in Art with an Emerging Media Track/Character Animation Specialization and an Emerging Media Track/Experimental Animation Specialization?
My D will be paying OOS tuition and has been accepted to UCF and SCAD.
We are trying to gather as much information/wisdom as we can.
Thank you in advance!

I don’t have any information, but this is the same program my daughter is hoping to transfer into this fall. I will be watching this topic closely!

I don’t know all details of the respective programs but look closely at when you sign up for the college if you have automatic acceptance into the specific program you are seeking.

I believe the UCF program (not positive) requires a portfolio review after two years to actually get into the program you want. That acceptance is not only dependent on grades and specific requirements but also how many spots are available in the program. The college may offer art history or another track for continued study.

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My daughter is deciding between SCAD & UCF.
Where are you looking?
UCF looks like a great option as if you want to change majors, you have options.

My daughter is pursuing transfer to UCF. We participated in the pre-paid program in Florida, so she will be in much better shape financially if she goes to a FL public university. Out of the ones available, UCF’s program really interested her when we visited last year.

She was not accepted as a freshman, due to her low SAT scores. She is applying to transfer this fall, and we’re hopeful that she will be accepted this time.

She has kept in touch with an advisor at SVAD to make sure the art classes she is taking at the local CC will transfer. They have been very helpful.

gouf78 above is correct about the program, I believe - they do a portfolio review after two years. If I remember right, the Character Animation track is very limited-space, and the Experimental Animation while still competitive is the larger group. I may be backwards on that.

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What is SVAD? Is that part of UCF’s program? We are still learning. I’m hoping they will ;eat us visit and check out the school to help decide.

SCAD. Savannah College of Art and Design

SVAD is the School of Visual Arts and Design at UCF. :slight_smile:

School of Visual Arts and Design - School of Visual Arts and Design (ucf.edu)

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My D and I went to an open house for the UCF Character Animation program in January 2020 (pre-COVID). It is a limited acceptance program. You have a portfolio review after your sophomore year. I believe they accept 20 students per year into the program. For those not accepted, they continue in the Emerging Media degree in either Experimental Animation or Graphic Design.

The Character Amination program has a great rank nationally.

For an in-state student it is the best option in my opinion.

For out of state, it is less expensive than SCAD, so it’s still a great option.

My daughter chose UCF because it has many majors so she felt it was a safe bet. She was unsure about Character Animation as she is also interested in programming, digital media and film. UCF has all of those majors so she felt secure with her decision.

Currently, she’s a high school senior and will start UCF in the Fall of 2021. She’s decided to major in Digital Media leaning toward game design but is considering web design as well.


My daughter chose UCF because it has many majors so she felt it was a safe bet.
My D would like to go & see the campus and was able to do the virtual session yesterday with a counselor for the major. From what she heard, she’s leaning toward Experimental Animation.

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There is a pretty good 10 minute “tour” video here: Visit Campus | UCF Undergraduate Admissions Tours & Open Houses

The video focuses much more on the diversity of academic programs that student life, but it’s still pretty good. The last couple of minutes give you a glimpse of the campus.

That said, there is no substitute for an in-person visit. When you visit in person, be prepared to be blown away!

We visited expecting to see lots of large buildings wedged together and students shoulder-to-shoulder everywhere – but one of the defining things about the UCF Main Campus is the amazing amount of green space. And not just grassy fields with sidewalks and trees. There are two very large natural areas.

  • The Arboretum covers most of the east side of campus and is almost an untouched natural forest area, complete with wildlife and dense vegetation. Be very careful driving at night on Libra Drive or Gemini Blvd East because a deer might just step out in front of your car!

  • Lake Claire, on the north side of campus is another large wooded area with three lakes. There are volleyball courts and canoe/kayak rentals at the entrance, and lots of trails to explore.

One of the highlights of our in-person tour was the main Recreation & Wellness Center on Gemini Blvd in the south part of campus. Walking inside the RWC literally took our breath away – I guess there is a reason why they end the in-person tours there!

Unfortunately, in-person tours are not currently offered. But you can tour on your own.

Be sure to look at the various housing communities.

Be sure to walk Memory Mall from the Arena to the Student Union. Cross the footbridge through the cypress swamp to get from the Mall to the Union.

Just behind the Union is John T. Washington Center (one of two malls on campus), and just on the other side of JTW Center is the Library.

On the south side of the library is the Reflecting Pond where the famous “Spirit Splash” is held every Homecoming week.

On the north side of campus is the Addition Arena, surrounded by the other mall – Knight’s Plaza East and West. There is another RWC on Knights Plaza West, and several eateries, bookstore, Amazon Hub, etc. And north and East of Knights Plaza are the Towers Community buildings, I-IV. Behind all of that is the sports complex, including football stadium (the “Bounce House,” lol) and many other sports venues.

If you go for a self-tour, be sure to get a parking permit for $5. It’s good all day at any unrestricted parking garage (not dorm garages), so it’s easy to move from one area of campus to another by car if you choose not to walk. (Parking regulations are enforced, so don’t forget to get a permit at any campus garage.)

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Just food for thought:
If you REALLY want animation then realize that UCF has very limited access program with mandatory portfolio review after two years. You may or may not be admitted at that time. If the other programs are acceptable (realizing those are also competitive) then sign up. Look closely at the alternatives–Art History isn’t usually first choice if you wanted animation.

The facilities of SVAD are in downtown Orlando. They are not on the main campus. Which is fine but check those facilities and location out also.

UCF is huge which has it’s plus and minuses. Sometimes it can be hard to get classes.

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