UCF for Fall 2022 Admission

University of Central Florida for freshman admissions.

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Has anyone been accepted for Fall 2022? If so, when did you apply? Get accepted?

Hello, I was accepted yesterday and applied on September 29th. So excited!

Congrats! My daughter’s file was complete on Sept 26 & she was also accepted yesterday!

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My daughter’s application was complete 9/30 and she was accepted 10/20.

My son’s file was complete on 10/08 and he was accepted on 10/20. Feels good to have one in the back pocket.

My daughter’s file was completed on 9/30 - and still showing submitted.

Her best friend applied at the same time, received her acceptance on 10/23.

I have called, her file is complete…so not missing anything. She has a 5.84 GPA, top 7% of her class, will have her AA at the time of HS Graduation. Getting a little nervous…

Has everyone received their official acceptance letter?


Congratulations to your son! When he received the email letting him know, did the title of the email give it away that he was accepted? What did the title say?

He didn’t get any email…just checked the portal and there was a new “click here” button.

The email just tells you your status has changed & to check the portal

@binxfish @rmcgonzalez @sunnytimes. Has the official acceptance letter arrived in the mail?

Yes, my Son’s letter did. Just the same one that was on his portal…nothing fancy.

Thank you for responding. That’s good to know but I guess it would be nice to have the “official” acceptance.

Hi. Taking over my daughters account. She got the official letter in the mail last week. Same as the one on portal. Was wondering when any scholarship notification would be sent. Anyone ?

I spoke with admissions today and was told they would start reviewing for scholarships in a couple of weeks. They are still working on Spring applications.


My daughter’s application remains incomplete due to test scores even though everything was sent in 1 month ago. UCF says it takes 6-8 weeks to process SAT scores. Other large universities don’t take nearly as long. So strange. Good luck everyone!

Yes UCF is starting to “mildly” annoy me. My son is waiting for his updated SAT score to be applied to his application so he can apply for honors. Its been almost a month and he was told 4 - 6 weeks. Yet UF, USF, etc all managed to upload it in 2 days. Also, he wants to take a tour of the Towers dorms and the website says…coming soon. He emailed the housing dept to see when they might be starting up again and no reply. I sent a message on FB to them and no reply. Things that give me pause about this uni! :roll_eyes:

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Daughter accepted, OOS/NJ. ACT was submitted. Good luck!

Daughter just got Provost for 2022! Wondering what the amount is?