UCF IT vs. IIT-Chicago ITM-which IT program is better, or can I not go wrong with either? I like UCF

The title sums it up. I like IIT’s location, the ITM program here is higher ranked, but I just like the feel of UCF, the campus, dorms and weather of the college in general.

IIT is a true diamond in the rough. It has a great campus. Look at placement at both schools and maybe graduation rates. Those might be lower at IIT but everyone I know that went there has good jobs now.

There is also a big push on campus for recruiting to larger companies and a new tech center that was just built. They are making a very strong effort with known companies for internships and placement.

I think the bigger advantage is its location to downtown Chicago and the opportunities of companies and tech that is here. Just check out Fulton Market area and the companies beside Google that are there or coming there.

I know. The academic program at IIT is better, but I like UCF and the environment there more. According to niche, the food, athletics and dorms are much better at UCF than IIT.

BTW, I don’t think I’ll struggle with UCF in terms of location, because the college is right outside Orlando.

My perspective is that you can get a great education at any reputable undergraduate program and UCF is certainly that. As a professor at Illinois Tech, I think we do an excellent job as well and the administration has announced the formation of a new College of Computing which will include Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Information Technology management, and Industrial Technology and Management departments. This will bring an enhanced focus on computing to the campus.

The other thing is, while ITM is higher ranked than UCF IT, it is much higher in terms of costs. My parents could certainly afford IIT (even without loans), but it will be hotter, cheaper and closer from home if I attend UCF.

PS, I like the heat, and Chicago doesn’t compare with Orlando in regards to weather…