Ucf offered summer term 2018

Hi I was recently put on the wait list for the full term 2018 I was offered Sumner term yesterday… Does anybody know how the summer term works and how many credits I would have to take for the summer? Also how the financial aid works. Do I get financial aid for summer?

Congrats on the acceptance offer! Did you send anything extra in after being put on the waitlist to give them a reason to change the decision or did they just do it on their own? Thanks !

@Cfuchs7. Thank you. I actually wrote a letter of interest and sent it to all the admissions directors. You can get their emails on the website.

Awesome! I was planning to write a letter as well! Hopefully i’ll get the same outcome!

Do you have any pointers as of topics to touch on that might be helpful?

@ Cfuchs7. I talked about how ucf was my first choice, and I was disappointed when I learned I was waitlisted, I explained to them why I wanting to go there. I talked about my major and how ucf is the perfect fit. I thanked them for considering me. I would add that you would consider summer term if given the opportunity

You only need to take 6 credits in the summer but you can do those online if you want. For financial aid, you needed to complete the 2017-2018 FAFSA

@Danif99 thank you for the info

did you email it to everyone on that admissions staff page or just the sr. directors ?

Yes most of them

@Lynn26 how were your stats?

1220 Sat 3.8 weighed GPA

Just got the same notification, didn’t send anything to sway admissions.

Leaderships ECs mostly in student government, 1360 (730 reading, 630 math) on the SAT, 3.5 UW GPA and a 4.0 W.

My essay was about the experience of losing my vision and becoming legally blind, from the perspective of my friends and family. Also wrote on the application about working full-time to support my family and picking up a second job after being displaced by Hurricane Irma.

Hello, I was deferred from UCF for the Summer term. I applied as a transfer student (3.25 college gpa) and I’m currently enrolled in 18 credit hours(will have 30 after Spring).

It also says, “An admission decision is being deferred pending receipt of a final official transcript.” I believe I’ll be finishing the semester with a 3.4 gpa, but I may need to take an Incomplete grade for one of my classes due to an illness.

Does anyone know if having an Incomplete on my final transcript (which I would later turn into an A or B) would look bad and decrease my chances of acceptance?