Ucf summer 2014 questions! Thanks!

<p>So i have been deferred from summer 2014 .I had a 23 act and 3.4 / 3.6 gpa uw and weighted</p>

<p>What percent of deferred students are admitted?</p>

<p>If i do not submit new scores etc. do i even have a chance? Or will i be denied with my current stats</p>

<p>Thanks! Really worried what should i do... I have already taken the sat numerous times and have not went up past 1600 and act in the 23 / 24 range</p>

<p>Also when do defered students hear back as to if they were acepted or denied? I heard around april but that seems pretty late! </p>

<li>if im admitting to my second choice school should i send in housing and tutition deposits?</li>