UCF/USF chances?!

<p>My chances of admission to either the University of Central Florida or the University of South Florida?
When it comes to admission into these colleges, I'm extremely paranoid. Unfortunately, until I'm accepted to/rejected from these two schools, the constant paranoia will not go away. Would you guys mind giving me your opinions on my chances on admission into these schools :)?
My Stats-
-UW GPA: 3.51
-W GPA: 4.33
-AC GPA: 3.77
-Class rank: top 25%
-SAT: 1830 (CR:580, M:630, W:620)
-ACT: 25
-APs: I took AP Psych and AP Composition this year (still waiting on my scores). I will be taking AP Lit, Statistics, and Physics next year. I've also taken 10 honors classes.
-Service hours: 100+
-ECs: Key Club (9th, 10th), GSA Secretary (11th), Environmental Club (11th), Excel Club (11th), Black Belt in MMA
-Other: I don't know if this matters, but my sister graduated from UCF. My essay for UCF is great. I'll have no problem with getting letters of recommendation. I definitely had a solid upward trend in my grades my Junior year, although I've always been an A/B student. I'm not sure if they look at your Senior schedules, but mine is pretty good. I also brought up my SAT score from a 1440 to an 1830 during my Junior year (if they see that).</p>