<p>I'm a high school student who is also dual enrolled at my local community college. I'll be graduating with 47 college credits. I have a 3.43 unweighted and a 4.3 weighted and 3.4 college GPA but my SAT/ACT are really low
Act - 19 (20-23-13) bad in science
Sat - 1496 (530-510-430)
I am retaking both
Black/Health Science Major/ 109 community service hours/ band for 3 years
I've been accepted into FAU as a safe school but what are my chances of getting into my top schools UCF & USF. I called UCF just to ask a question and they said they would never accept someone with an ACT of 19 in such a rude way. But anyway, If I get denied from both what should I do? I can't go to CC because my mom won't let me and FAU doesn't look like it gives you the full college experience. I have no idea what to do????? </p>

<p>Plus FAU doesn’t have my major so I would have to take a slightly different approach if I went there </p>

<p>I’m also in the top 15% in my class but I’m just nervous cause of my test scores</p>