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I was placed on the UCF waitlist in January and have not heard anything from them. I just went down to visit and they basically told me that there is no rational thing that I can do but wait. Has anybody heard anything about people getting off of the waitlist or people that got in but rejected their application? This is currently my top school and would prefer to get in before commitment day.

First of all, welcome to CC-UCF!

You asked them directly, and they told you to wait. That’s a little cold, and not the answer you wanted, but it is what it is.

Have others been admitted off the waitlist? Oh yeah! I think you can even go back and look at the waitlist threads from last year and see that a lot of students got in from the waitlist.

At some point, they will give you one of four answers:

  • Declined admission

  • Accepted for Fall 2021

  • Accepted for Summer 2021

  • Accepted for Spring 2022

Fall 2021 is obviously what you are looking for.

Summer 2021 is really a good deal, and you need to know what that actually means. It means you just have to take one class ONLINE during Summer B, and you are admitted for Fall and beyond.

Spring 2022 is not your first choice, but honestly in five years nobody will know the difference. It just means a little delay, and then you’re fully admitted just like every other student.

If you post your stats (GPA, test scores, etc) we might be able to give you a guess on your chances.

My daughter has also been on the waitlist since January. We have not heard anything yet. As I was reading through waitlist threads from last spring, it sounds like people started hearing back from UCF between mid to late April.

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I am also on the waitlist for the Fall Semester of 2021. UCF is my top choice. I have been accepted to other colleges, but I only applied to have other options. If I do not get accepted I might just go to CC to get my AA and then transfer. It is really stressful to just wait and not get any information. I applied back in December and was just waitlisted about a month ago. They do not accept letters of continued interest or anything of that sort so all I can do is wait. I’ve been reading though and I have mostly seen positive outcomes from being put on the waitlist, but it could take until the end of May, and they could just accept you for the summer of 2022. It’s definitely a bad idea to keep pressing the admissions office for updates though, they could deny you for that. Deadlines to accept other college offers is coming up very soon and it has me really stressed out. Whatever happens I hope you guys get accepted soon!

Good luck, Athena!

Read my post above about Summer admission. It’s a good thing, not a bad thing!

what are your stats?

what are your stats? I heard of two people who asked for expedited decisions and got spring. I am also on the waitlist and just am scared to ask

My daughter heard back from UCF just within the last few days. She was removed from the waiting list and denied admission. She had ACT 22 and SAT 1150. GPA 4.07 The school said it was very competitive this year and she did not meet the standards. She has committed to another school now. Good luck to everyone!

Did she request a final decision?

No she did not.

With that high of a GPA, she’s going to be fine wherever she goes.

UCF is pure numbers school- I think they really miss out on some great kids being like that. How you do on a Saturday- when many had 1 chance at taking a test, is stupid.


I was rejected off the waitlist for summer 2021 yesterday. After months and months of waiting this was a huge disappointment. I have sent a repeal letter and hoping that I may get in with that but who knows. If not I will be going to Valencia in hopes to transfer.

I’m sorry, did you ask for a final decision or did they just reject you?

First of all, welcome to cc-UCF!

I’m sorry you had a disappointing answer, but you have to keep things in perspective. Right now, as you said, it’s a huge disappointment – but that’s just right now.

The rejection did not change one thing about the person you are, or will be. It’s a speedbump – you didn’t go off the cliff.

You will be perfectly able to start your journey at Valencia, and will have many of the same profs you would have had at UCF. When you’re ready, you will transfer to UCF…or UF…or FSU…or USF…or somewhere else great.

This really is just a bump in the road that you will hardly remember a few years from now. Don’t let it get you down. Be disappointed and get that out of your system, but then clear your head and move on. You’ll be fine.

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thanks! messages like these are what make me remember that everything will work out in the end.

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Should I just keep waiting I do not know what to do?

Did anyone on the waitlist have gotten accepted as of today May 24th?