UChicago Career Outcomes

Latest figures, 2020 application cycle, from those reporting outcomes:

  • 97% of UChicago applicants were admitted to a Top 20 law school;

  • Top tier law school acceptances:
    26 Columbia
    18 Harvard
    40 NYU
    11 Stanford
    39 UChicago
    10 Yale

  • 85% of UChicago applicants were admitted to medical school, more than double the national average of 41%;

  • 96% of recent graduates have substantive post-graduation plans.

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Wow. The numbers for T6 are impressive. That’s 9 percent of the class for the class of 2020.

Here’s the comparison to 2017:

Top-Tier Law Schools
14 Columbia
12 Harvard
24 NYU
8 Stanford
16 UChicago
7 Yale

Acceptances will have some crossover so it’s probably not one-to-one. But there is no doubt that the College has increased these numbers just in three years.


When you go to UChicago to get into UChicago


True for all the T20 schools (admitting their own), but still the number of admits to other top law schools is impressive.

Chicago Law didn’t used to admit it’s own in such large numbers. 39 is a sizable increase over historical. I wonder if that will be the norm going foward.

Absolutely. There were 42 total UChicago undergrads enrolled in the Law School this fall:

(Plus, a transfer student from Harvard Law School.)

The Law School and Business School have both said they want as many UChicago undergrads as they can get, so to speak (partly the result of increasing size and selectivity of the College). The Law School has a special application program for UChicago undergrads–early application and decision, $150,000 scholarship as part of the financial aid package.