UChicago Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

Hey everyone! Welcome to the Regular Decision thread!

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We received a weird email telling us not to forget to send in other apps. Does that mean we didn’t get in?

Not sure we got that. Did you apply regular decision? What exactly did the email say!

The heading leads you to believe that your uofc app is incomplete. As you read it, you are encouraged to get all your applications out with 10 reasons why you should, with various pop culture references. It then concludes with good luck with your remaining apps. It’s signed by Student tour guides and outreach! I’m sorry, it was just weird.

Maybe tell me the exact subject of the email and I’ll search my box.

This one? I received this on 12/28 and didn’t apply to U of C until 1/4 (though it was on my Common App list so they knew I was considering applying)

If this is what you mean, there is no way it means anything! Releax!

You can do it!! You can finish your college applications!! New years are a time for new beginnings, and in your case, THIS January 1st will mark the beginning of the year in which YOU will enter college! To help you power through to the end, we created this list of the top ten reasons why you should hit “submit.”

  1. If Taylor Swift can drop two surprise albums in a year, you can finish that 500-word essay (in this case, it doesn’t need to be about your ex).
  2. You’ll finally have time to bake that holiday-themed treat worthy of a coveted stern handshake from Paul Hollywood—maybe some cookies, or a hot cocoa bomb, or something totally ridiculous that nobody could ever eat.
  3. It’s a lucky thing that The Queen’s Gambit wasn’t about sword swallowing, because it really made us want to learn to play chess. Quit worrying about your biology grades so you can study up on an opening move you’ve never tried b4 (for those who don’t play, that’s both a terrible joke and a terrible opening move).
  4. A nontraditional year calls for some nontraditional traditions. Finish up your apps so you can brainstorm some new ones for the holiday season, like leaving out some ramen noodles for Frankie Jonas.
  5. Those mysterious monoliths were actually part of a viral scheme on UChicago’s part to encourage you to finish up your college applications. We’re worried the whole “finish your application” angle didn’t come through, but you should do it anyway so we can tell our boss it worked.
  6. Every day you spend with your application unfinished is 24 hours you could spend going to the movies on Merlinpeen, airing your grievances for Festivus, or traveling to Kashyyyk for Life Day.
  7. After you turn in your college applications, you’ll finally be able to relax, celebrate the holidays, and truly enjoy the most wonderful time of the year.
  8. What’s that? You say you haven’t seen the Lifetime original movie about Colonel Sanders starring Mario Lopez? There would really be no excuse for watching that before you finish your college applications, but afterwards is a different story.
  9. Since iCarly is coming back, you can go about digging up your own internet posts from your middle school days once those applications are out of the way. They’re probably really good and not at all embarrassing!
  10. Even though this whole process is plagued with uncertainty, and a lot of stress, and too many campus tours, and big decisions, there’s something magical about a beginning. And this is a beginning.

Best of luck with your remaining applications, and best wishes for the new year!

UChicago Student Tour Guides and Student Outreach Team

That’s the one. We were done with apps in November.

means nothing

Perhaps they were trying to be clever, but we were like, oh well, guess we shouldn’t count on that one.

Definitely trying to be clever. That is UChicago. My brother goes there. That’s what they like. They are quirky and proud of it.

Good to know. My son would appreciate that.

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Anyone’s forms disappeared?

Not that we’re aware of. Do you mean the ones submitted by your school? How did you find out?

So anyone have any idea when RD are coming out? I’m guessing Friday 3/12 or 3/19? The winter quarter ends on 3/20. Not sure if admissions is open over break or not.

last year they came out on the 13th so I’m thinking the 12th this year, although COVID may change their normal schedule.

Yes I’m thinking the 12th or 19th. If it is the same day as last year, then it should be the 12th. If COVID caused a delay, I am thinking the 19th is most likely as it coincides with the end of winter quarter. The spring academic quarter begins 3/29. Not sure if the admissions office is open between quarters or not.

just checking in, DD was deferred EA, and we are praying hard. UChicago is her top choice


UChicago has been test-optional for a couple years now so maybe COVID won’t cause a delay since they’re used to it

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That is correct. Admission decisions should not be delayed for any reason due to test-optional policies. By the way, that was also the case when they went TO a couple of years ago :slight_smile: Also - at least for the early round - it didn’t sound like UChicago’s application volume was notably different from other years. They were able to get RD decisions out on time last year during the early stages of a pandemic, so this year is probably a cake-walk in comparison. At UChicago, people considered to be smarter than a virus :nerd_face:


Does Chicago usually let you know when decisions are coming out or do you just have to keep checking?