UChicago Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

Agree. My son never applied to HYP, never cared about the so-called “status”. Applied to Columbia and Wharton, and that was it. Columbia because we “suggested” (he wanted an urban campus) and Wharton because of his legacy + business school. I honestly don’t get this Ivy fascination, but that’s just me. :woman_shrugging:

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Ivies are not on the decline. Chicago has a higher yield only because they take most of their applicants before RD


Look I’m a total UChicago fan, but let’s not delude ourselves into thinking they are winning the head to head battles with Harvard and Stanford. Sure, some will undoubtedly choose UChicago, but overall more will pick Harvard and Stanford (and probably Princeton, Yale, and MIT).


UChicago is right up there with HYPSM in their academics. UChicago’s problem is image, from years ago. I know many a very impressive student that would have been very successful and happy at UChicago, but they don’t apply because of the rumors of a depressing atmosphere, which is not the case. UChicago’s environment has changed a lot in the last decade, hopefully their image will start to show this.

Well, they did an impressive job on changing their image just this past week as several parties have apparently caused a large outbreak of covid on the campus and shut everything down for the next seven days.


50 cases, following the return a week ago from spring break too.

Anyone get off the waitlist yet?

I also have the same question. I have been hearing from different people that this year waitlist decisions may take much longer to happen. Can anyone confirm this?

Also does UChicago inform you both in the case you get in off the waitlist and don’t or just if you get in?

My theory is that UChicago will start releasing waitlist decisions soon because last year, they started releasing a few days after ivy day.

Im not too sure myself but I thought I read a user on this thread mention that UChicago over admitted this year by like 300 students or something.


That is also true. We just have to wait and see tbh

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i asked my regional AO about this and she responded that they will notify us via the portal regardless. hope this helps!

Thats great news! by any chance did she mention a ball park time by which this would happen?

I emailed my admissions counselor to share a second loci, and he said the committee will start to reevaluate applicants’ files as spots become available “in the coming weeks,” which leads me to believe that the admitted ones will be hearing back soon (probably within two or three weeks).


How would we be notified via the portal? Last year, according to the c/c thread, the admitted ones received emails asking if they would like to discuss their waitlist stata (via phone calls), where the AO would ask whether or not the applicant’s still interested in attending the university. There, the applicant would be either admitted or z-listed.

I wonder if he’s referring to those who don’t get in off the waitlist being notified of this. Because if not you could be waiting till August with hope and no answer

i believe she said ‘by early summer’. good luck to us both!!

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you submitted a second loci? may i ask vaguely how the second one is different from your first loci?only if you are comfortable sharing this info ofc.

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That is basically what happened last year