UChicago EA Class of 2025

Is anyone else rolling the EA dice? My D21 is giving it a shot as one of her high reach schools. She loves creative writing so found this to be one of her most enjoyable applications. As she put it, to even get deferred will feel like a win. :smile:

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I don’t have concrete statistics but I think over the last few years most EA applicants got deferred.

@85bears46 That is my understanding too.

My D21 applied via Questbridge and only ranked Uchicago. If she doesn’t get matched she will be rolled into EA. It is her number one and enjoyed the app as well. Good luck to all applicants!


D has two friends who got in EA a couple of years ago. So she decided to give it a try.

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Hey guys! I applied to UChicago EA this year and submitted an arts supplement (people said it was strong). How impactful is this?

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^ Hopefully very. But keep in mind that arts and other supplements will not be passed on to the respective departments for evaluation as they are at some other elite schools. Only Admissions will be viewing your work.

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@JBStillFlying ok thank you!! I’m just really scared since they don’t accept many people from EA, so I’m hoping the arts supplement could help.

Oh no…! We thought EA would give better chances of admission, not worse… Bummer.

Our DS has his heart SET on UChicago, but now… :worried:

Oh wait! He did Early Decision. That’s different from Early Action, right? (I can’t keep track…)

@DramaMama2021 Yass! Our DS said the same thing; it was so much fun to write the essays, he was actually happy to do it (and he HATES writing. He’s a math guy!)

So… is anyone else worried that this year they’ll be accepting even fewer EA/ED students? Like, I’m thinking they’re gonna have to take something like a quarter to half as few students because of the pandemic and everyone deferring this year, which means fewer slots next year…

(BTW: what does “D21” mean…? Sorry, I looked and looked for a definition on the Abbreviation thread but couldn’t find it! Is it son/daughter + year of Graduation from HS? Age? :confused: )

Historically, paper odds have been better with one of the ED’s. But that doesn’t mean that ED was the right application option for you. They offer choices so that everyone can do what works for them personally. Regardless of your odds, a supplement is typically a good idea, especially if it helps UChicago learn all about you. For that reason, I would recommend the optional video as well - though plenty have been admitted without submitting one, and many more submitted amazingly edited creative videos and were dinged. None of these things will make or break an application but they can help move the needle.

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Haha D21 = Daughter HS Class of ‘21

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@editdive ED will have better odds, all else equal. Still, keep in mind that paper odds are not personal odds. If your son has his heart set on UChicago then he has a leg up over those who just applied because “ED has better odds.”

Have heard - and maybe it was posted elsewhere - that they will probably not accept fewer. Surprisingly few deferred this year over and above what they expected. In fact, they over-subscribed by over 100 students. Still, don’t let that worry you. UChicago will want a back-to-normal sized class next year.

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Oh no…! He didn’t do a video - I didn’t know that was an option. (He REFUSES to let us help him - he wants to get in all on his own. He’s a really determined kid - he’s only 15 and is graduating early - which he also did all on his own!)

But BOY, do I wish I’d known about video being an option; I’m a professional TV editor!

Edit, you lucked out. They don’t want professionally-edited videos and sending that in would have hurt him. Especially considering his young age, it would have had the “Mom” stamp all over it! So rest easy. He’s off to a great start by being so independent regardless of where he ends up. Crossing my fingers for him! My son told me today that he knows a few gals who came in as legal minors but no guys. However, there must be some in his class (class of '23).

Oooh, yeah - sounds like we dodged a bullet then!! Coz I totally would have taken over then. lol

Thanks for your well wishes. Does your son attend UChicago in person now? I hope he’s enjoying it (with all that’s going on it must be a challenge to be there now!)

Thanks for the info! :smiley:

@editdiva he was on campus till the 11/22 when the dorms emptied out for Thanksgiving and is now home. (We let him choose what he wanted to do). He has really enjoyed his courses for the past four quarters. He lives in BJ which has been known for having a wonderful house culture. It was very different this year from last, but I don’t think he regretted his decision to return to the dorms. Next year he’ll likely be off-campus like most of the third years. There are things he misses - more in-person classes and performing in the orchestra, for instance. But he’s stayed active and is doing very well. I saw his study habits last spring when he was back here so I have no concerns.

We also have a fourth year who lives off-campus. She remained in Hyde Park last spring - saw no need to come on home. We left that option open and she told me she was the only one in her friend group who wasn’t called home by parents. I liked keeping our house “de-densified” LOL. Kept the level of noise and ruckus down. We are either the worst parents around or the best. Haven’t figured out which yet.


Update: my D21 found out yesterday she was accepted to UChicago class of 2025 via Questbridge. She is over the moon and we are so excited for her! Only another week or two and and EA & ED 1 results will come out. Exciting times for our kids!


congrats to your daughter!!

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Thank you very much! @janelb

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That is great news @stemgalmom! Congrats!

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