UChicago ED2 Class of 2025

UChicago ED2 Class of 2025

Hi is there anyone here?)

I’m here! Kinda surprised not a single soul replied yet lol

Hope it represents the number of ED2 applicants :slight_smile:


Does anyone know the percentage of students deferred from EA?


Does anyone know when they’ll announce the notification date?

My son applied ED2 after being deferred at Yale EA. Think the guidance is still just “mid Feb”. If he doesn’t get in I think the rest of his schools won’t get back to him until late March- early April. Gonna be a long several weeks.

Initially he didn’t want to commit, but not a single one of his very qualified friends got in to any of their EA/ED schools and he decided to take a shot. Chicago has always been one of his top choices and we were lucky enough to visit the summer before junior year.


Portals have updated with this notice:
“Thank you for your interest in the University of Chicago! At this time, if there are any additional materials needed to review your application, we will be in touch with you directly. Admissions decisions will be available in mid-February for Early Decision 2 applicants and in mid-March for Regular Decision applicants. You will receive an email when your decision is ready to be viewed. Thank you for your hard work in this process!”

Decisions this week?

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considering how late they announced ED1 in dec, im betting a week from this friday :sob:

Do they announce the date in a week or so?

Okay, who has the withdraw button and who doesn’t? Thought we needed to start this topic over here, too!

Mid-Feb sounds about right. They should post a decision date a few days beforehand on social media and the Admissions page.

UChicago is always one of the last to announce ED1. It wasn’t “late” for them :slight_smile:

Yeah - based off ED1/EA, it seems that they will announce this Monday that decisions release next Monday.

And what does missing or having it mean (based on previous treads)?

it does not mean anything (:

Friday, February 12th “in the afternoon” according to their insta.

God I’m scared.

Does anyone have any idea what the ED 2 acceptance rate is?