UChicago Fall 2020 Transfer

Is anyone else applying as a rising sophomore?

I am!


oh yay i finally found this thread! i’m also applying

so is anyone else having trouble creating a uchicago account or is it just me?


New, here!

How does everyone feel about their application?

Pretty nervous, honestly. I applied to four other schools, so I will be out of my current school regardless, but I’m super worried about this application. How about you?

@zstar18; Great, honestly! I currently just have to send over some small documents, i.e., an official college transcript, a high school transcript, and a transfer report.

If I may ask, what drew your attention to UChicago, and what other schools have you applied to? Is this your first go at applying for university, in general? (A possible reason for your nervousness?)

@XXATR22 UChicago is a reach but one of my tops! Besides them being a great fit socially and culturally for me (I grew up next to campus and I know some current students), their Global Studies (the governance track) program has everything I’m looking for and they have ALL of the ECs that I want. Every. Single. One. I’ve also applied to Cornell College (super-safety), DePaul, Macalester, and Swarthmore.
I’m currently at a massive (but well-ranked) public university that’s not really my fit for a lot of reasons, so it’s not my first time applying to school, but I did graduate a year early and only applied to two schools, so now I’m applying to schools I like and would actually go to this time around. How about you?

@zstar18; I find it awesome to hear you got to graduate a year early. Bravo! You appear competitive as a transfer applicant already! In my case, I graduated along with everyone else, no early graduation for me (haha). sigh

The schools you have chosen to apply to sound interesting. I recall quite a few people mentioning them as great choices (e.g., Cornell, DePaul, and Macalester). Swathmore is not one I have heard of, however; its name sounds fairly unique, though, and seeing that you have applied there, I reckon it is amazing.

In terms of me, I’m a second-year at a local community college. And, it may seem wild, but this is my first time applying for university; the only one I applied to is UChicago.

Would you by chance be a first-year transfer student or a second? (Curiosity.)

Does anyone know when decisions are going to come out?

Hey, @cusnew, it is listed on the transfer student applicant section, on the University of Chicago home page, for “early May.” Based on my reading past College Confidential threads, however, the release date should be around May 7-15. I hope this helps!

@Newyorkkidd; Hello, I see you’ve made this thread yet have not made a post of introduction. How’s the application process going for you?

What has drawn your interests to UChicago? :smile:

If by first-year transfer student, you mean an incoming sophomore, then yes! @cusnew based on history it’s likely that the decisions will be released at the end of the first or the beginning of the second week of May, but that might change if decision day for high school students is changed.

@zstar18; That’s awesome! So great to hear!

anyone know if we need to submit a curriculum report? if yes, where to? thanks!

@jasonyfgong; Hello, yes, a curriculum report is needed to process your application. In an email received from the University of Chicago, the best way to accomplish this requirement is as follows:

"If you are currently enrolled in college and your instructors are unable to fill out the Curriculum Report in person, you may collect their responses to the form via email and then fill out and submit the form to us yourself with copies of their emails to you attached. Again, for admitted students, we will verify responses with instructors when it is feasible to do so.

All emailed materials or additional questions may be sent to collegeadmissions@uchicago.edu."

In brief, attain the required information asked for in the form from your professors via email. Once you have the responses, forward them [the emails, alongside your own] to the University of Chicago via the email collegeadmissions@uchicago.edu.

I hope this helps!

hi guys. just found this forum. im a transfer student from a community college this is definately a reach

HOWEVER, i really appreciate that u chicago is really kind through their communication with their students and they dont need SAT so wooo

@heyigotnoclue; Hi! I’m also a community college student looking forward to transferring! (Also, I agree about the test-optional option: It’s an absolute lifesaver!)

Welcome to the transfer thread! :smile:

@XXATR22 - HELLOOOOOO and ty for the well wishes. i like the test-optional because my sat is low

how are u feeling about ur application? this school is a reach for me even though i feel that i have given all i got