UChicago for undergrad psych?

<p>I know that UChi has a great sociology program, but how is its psychology program? For undergrads?</p>


<p>The program is excellent, especially if you're interested in Cognitive Psychology or Social Psychology. Professors are generous with their time, and there are plenty of research opportunities. However, most students who wanted to study Clinical Psychology have found the department to be pretty frustrating and kind of disappointing. We don't offer any Clinical Psych courses here even though they're very common at any other universities. Worse yet, even though many students have appealed to the the department heads to hire an instructor to teach an intro course, the administrators have flatly refused to make any changes. </p>

<p>If you're interested in Psychiatry or Clinical Psychology, you'll probably have to do a Masters after you graduate to get the kind of preparation necessary to be competitive for a top graduate program. However, if you're interested Social Psychology and Cognitive Psychology, or if you just have a general interest in Psych, then you should have a great time in the program.</p>

<p>Perfect, thanks! Social Psychology is exactly what I'm interested in.</p>