UChicago Fortune Cookie: Chances?

<p>Hey guys, thanks for taking time to read this. EA Chicago. </p>

<p>My record:
Valedictorian: 4.67 GPA Weighted, 3.89 GPA Unweight (1/463)
Classes: Hardest course load. IB/AP. Aiming for a Dual Language Diploma from the IB. Meaning that I basically have to self study another language. I am currently studying Chinese Classic/Modern Literature.(imagine AP Lit in Chinese...).</p>

730 V
710 M</p>

Chinese: 800
IIC: 740
History: 690
Writing: Pending- expecting 700+</p>

-I gotta confess, not a big fan of school clubs. They are meaningless, time consuming, and unproductive (at least in my school). So, I spend my time doing things I am PASSIONATE about. </p>

<p>*Kerry Edwards '04 GOTV Field Coordinator (literally spending 5-6 hours a day, everyday for the last two months on this). I am going to help run the ground game in my district for the final four days. I am so excited and nervous!
*Kerry '04 Primaries Student Intern. Oct '03-Feb '04
*Summer Tutor- went back to China for the summer to tutor english for free to kids who are underprivileaged- can't quite put in words that whole experience. It changed me.
*Tutor/Mentor for a program that reaches out to help low-income kids read. I spend about 4 hours a week tutoring/mentoring the same kid throughout the course of a year. Really enjoy this.
*Girls State
*Volunteer at local hospital: 250+ hours.
*Science Olympiad Captain 10,11- school doesn't have this event this year...sucks so bad.
-won a whole bunch of medals, first, second and third place, at the state level. </p>

<p>Teacher Recs: I can honestly say, they are excellent. The teachers I chose to write my recs are like awesome teachers who really took the time to get to know me well. So, I read a tiny piece of their rec, and the recs are seriously AWESOME!
Essay: All I can say is, I've tried my best. Am a very good writer, and I like my essays a lot, esp. my Chicago essays. </p>

<p>One last piece of random info that popped into my head: I immigrated from China to the U.S. when I was ten. Did not speak English at first. Now I do, thank god. :)</p>

<p>Really aiming for Chicago or Penn. But, will be satisfied with either. What do you guys think of my chances?</p>

<p>They are quite good. I also fall into the same bracket as you, except that I had more Research Experience and less political adventures.</p>

<p>anyway, what state are you from?<br>
God save us if Kerry does not become president.</p>

<p>Arizona. It's "Leaning Bush"...but the ground team here, we are working our butts off for a four day push towards the end. So, we'll see what happens! <em>crosses fingers</em></p>

<p>I think you have quite a legit chance. </p>

<p>Anyway, good job working with the Kerry campaign! I did some volunteering (phonebanking, canvassing, working at rallies) myself but my dad said to maybe not put anything on the app since you don't know the political affiliations of the adcoms and who knows how they might react.</p>

<p>Hmmm. Believe it or not, I actually talked to a regional director of another school concerning..."politics". The person said the admissions people are "trained professionals," and that they admire any kind of participation. Plus, your app gets to be read by others, or will eventually reach committees, so no fear! I doubt you'll ever run into 5 straight hardcore neo-conservatives...hopefully...:)</p>