UChicago Minimum Age Accepted

I’m 13 years old. I plan on taking the next SAT Math Level II. If I score a 800, will UChicago accept me? I will of course, take another SAT Subject Test (either Physics or Literature), and the full SAT Test too. My questions are-------

  1. What’s the minimum age required?
    1.1) If I score an 800, and I need to be 15 years old, can I still use those scores I scored at 13, when I’m 15?

  2. What would be more impressive–an 800 on Literature, or Physics? Keep in mind, that I’m also taking the Math Level II.

  3. Does the age of the applicant (me) make any difference? Will it be considered as the same as others, or will they be interested in younger kids?

Thank you for answering in advance!

I do not know the answer to your first question.

1.1) Yes, you can use those scores

  1. Depends from person to person. If you’re a STEM guy/gal, scoring 800 on Lit is more impressive. If you’re a humanities guy/gal, 800 on Physics is more impressive. Overall, I don’t really think it matters at all. Both are equally good, IMO.

  2. Yes, it does. They would want to know your exact reasons for matriculating early. I know a few geniuses graduating as soon as their sophomore year, but they are way beyond normal people of their age in terms of intellect (one of them is a top winner at the ISEF). Unless you have a solid reason for wanting to graduate early, they aren’t going to consider your application seriously.

Your academic accomplishments will be compared to all other applicants. No “break” is given due to age. So if the avg applicant has 8+ advanced level classes (from AP, IB, or DE) then that is what you will be compared to. (I am not saying that is what UChicago is looking for. That is just an arbitrary example I pulled from thin air.) You will not be given a pass bc of your age. If their holistic evaluation requires significant leadership roles, they will look for that as well.

An 800 on the math 2 at 13 is not an automatic admission ticket to any school, especially a highly competitive one.

Fwiw, our experience with other families of highly gifted kids is that age can be deterrent, not a bonus. (We don’t graduate our kids early, so it is not an issue we have directly dealt with. But we do know families who have.) There are some colleges like Simon Rock and Mary Baldwin that have programs designed specifically for younger students. You might find this link helpful: http://cegs.org

If you qualify, you might try joining SET. http://cty.jhu.edu/cogito/index.html There you can interact with other students who are gifted and read about what they are doing.

I do not know what the age requirement is for UChicago. You will need to call the admissions office and ask. A long time ago Chicago had an experimental program where they admitted quite young people of exceptional talent; I know someone who was admitted at age 14, but that was in the 1940’s. Generally, top colleges disfavor admitting such applicants. Oxford and Cambridge in the UK have done so on occasion, but it is quite rare, and usually involves achievement at a much higher level than achieving an 800 on an SAT subject test. Maturity and social readiness are usually questions more than intellectual ability.

Oops. Somehow I deleted part of my last paragraph before I hit post. Here is the info for SET: http://cty.jhu.edu/set/ SET members are invited to participate in the http://cogito.cty.jhu.edu/ forums.

Thank you all very much, especially Mom2aphysicsgeek. By the way, I am not “gifted”. I am simply interested.

A single score of 800 - at any age - is not enough to get you into any college. The youngest college student I know is currently at Oxford, and was 16 when he started. He had a full set of exam scores- and a Wikipedia page about his accomplishments in his field. Oxford is the only university in the UK that still takes students under 17- and very rarely at that. Both Oxford and Cambridge have found that taking very young students tends to end badly for the student- not necessarily right away (though the one I know of was a pretty unhappy camper for the first 2 years), but in the longer term.

^^^^ Qualification for SET requires an SAT I score of 700 or above by age 13, or 700 + 10 for each month above 13, so it is limited to students under age 13 years and 10 months.

The Davidson Institute also has programs for the profoundly gifted that include free advising and college counseling:


^^ @collegemom3717, I’ve read that Oxford is the only student in the UK that accepts students under 17; but I’ve read accounts of younger students attending Cambridge:


I agree about things often ending badly for the student in the longer term. Having the intellectual ability to be successful at a school is only a small piece of the puzzle.

THe OP stated that they are 13, so they may still have time to qualify for SET. You can be accepted to Cogito via recommendation + qualifying scores, so that might be an option

Fwiw, OP it is doubtful that a 13 yo scoring an 800 on the 2 is not gifted.

@renaissancedad, that was in 2000, before Cambridge changed their policy.

Few colleges and universities in the US specifically have minimum ages for admission or specifically require that an applicant have completed high school. For details, it is always best to contact the college/university in question and ask about their policies. Here is one list of institutions that admit many young students, and that offer programs specifically designed for them: http://www.hoagiesgifted.org/early_college.htm

At least you can try Loyola University Chicago before U of Chicago, I guess.


Colleges can’t really risk to take in young applicants. Leadership, charisma, proper social skills and the ability to "fit in"are vital for success in college, and it is extremely unlikely for a 13 year kid to possess these traits. Imagine yourself studying at a 10,000 people institution yet can’t find anyone to talk to, is it fun? Do you think the administration would want to see this?

Not sure about if your age gives you a break but 800 on subject tests is no guarantee admission. Frankly, many people get it and don’t get in. But many do get it an get it. Its not a deal breaker.

Not sure why many posters are so negative here. UChicago has a long (and proud!) history of accepting young students. Janet Rowley (age 15 at Lab School and the College), James Watson (age 15 at the College), Sho Yano (age 12 at the medical school), Bruce Beutler (age 18 at the medical school) are examples that come to mind.

To the OP: if you think UChicago is a good fit for you, apply! There is no age requirement. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Writing as a UChicago alum who matriculated right after I turned 17.

Phillip Glass (matriculated age 15)

Of course, the original question was could an offer be had on the strength of 2 SAT II scores of 800, and I would submit that nobody would get in based on 2 subject test scores- no matter what age they are.

I agree @collegemom3717 Not only just an 800 on subject tests, but hypothetical 800s. That is why I responded the way I did. It may be that the OP has a portfolio of amazing accomplishments and would be accepted. But an 800 on a subject test by itself at 13, no.

Well…this is my first thread, so I assume I’m the OP.

Second, I never said a single 800 would let me get into UChicago. I quote myself, " I plan on taking the next SAT Math Level II. If I score a 800, will UChicago accept me? I will of course, take another SAT Subject Test (either Physics or Literature), and the full SAT Test too."

@TrazCapDEV I believe am mature for my age, but yes, I do agree with you on a some level. I might lay back for an year or two, and then apply.

@Poplicola Thanks a lot for your encouragement!

@kaukauna I don’t think it’s safe giving out your name here, unless, you were just giving another example after @Poplicola