UChicago More Popular Than Harvard, Stanford, Ivys at Beverly Hills High School

For 2017, the latest year for detailed figures are available. UChicago had the highest yield rate at 100%. Harvard was 50%. Stanford 33%. Yale was 100% but only had 1 person whereas UChicago had 4. Princeton, Columbia, and Dartmouth, had 0% yield at Beverly Hills High School.

Number accepted and attended for reach school:

Accepted 4, Attended 4

Accepted 2, Attended 1

Accepted 3, Attended 1

Accepted 1, Attended 0

Accepted 1, Attended 0

Accepted 2, Attended 1

Accepted 1, Attended 0

Accepted 1, Attended 1

Accepted 2, Attended 1

Accepted 2, Attended 1

University of Cambridge
Accepted 1, Attended 0



You do, as your comment shows. Interesting that Stanford can’t even compete against UChicago in California, as the figures from Beverly Hills High and Harvard-Westlake show.

Harvard and Stanford aren’t first choice schools. UChicago is much more popular these days–and it’s increasing.

Do you have the total number of applicants for each school? Seems that would be a more telling measure than yield rate of such small sample sizes.


I have no dog in this hunt. I just don’t see why you keep posting these statistics. It reeks of insecurity on your part. I’m glad you got accepted to UC and love it. But there’s no need at all for these silly comparison posts you keep making. UC is prestigious. What more do you need?


Dear child:
You may ask yourself why the school tracks these figures. I don’t. In fact, why does College Confidential exist? This is the kind of thing people discuss on here based on thousands of posts. It’s a scary big world out there, but you’ll be find. You might come across uncomfortable information sometimes that takes you outside your cocoon. But you’ll be ok.

You are obviously a student with too much time on your hands. I’m a parent. Your annoying posts keep appearing in latest, which is how I use CC. I’ll just ignore them going forward. As hardly anyone else is engaging with you, maybe you’ll get the hint and go away. Good day.


The yield speaks for itself. Regardless of how many apply, few accept the Ivy or Stanford offers. So why should we assume vast numbers apply there if none go once accepted.

Because the University of Chicago has become known for intellectual rigor, I’ll point out that without knowing the number of students at BH High who applied to each school and which schools each student was admitted to, you can’t draw any conclusions about which schools were “more popular.” For one thing, yield stats for each school in part reflect which other schools students were admitted to. For example, if the three students who were admitted at Stanford are the same three students who were accepted at Harvard or Princeton, then the combined yield for HP&S could not exceed 50%, because a student can attend only school. And if none of three applied to Chicago, then the potential yield for UC would not be affected by Stanford’s admitting those three students. In other words, overlap matters if you want to make comparisons of this sort.

If I were you, I’d take pride in being admitting to UC, which is a great accomplishment, and stop worrying about competing schools.


–Quotes don’t seem to work, using italics–
[quote=“WRHarper, post:1, topic:2798813, full:true”]
For 2017, the latest year for detailed figures are available. UChicago had the highest yield rate at 100%. Harvard was 50%. Stanford 33%. Yale was 100% but only had 1 person whereas UChicago had 4. Princeton, Columbia, and Dartmouth, had 0% yield at Beverly Hills High School.[/quote]

The most recent stats on their website appear to be from 2018 at https://4.files.edl.io/a75e/06/06/19/180214-5459cc0d-bb12-435b-98b6-8bc501d3c807.pdf , not 2017.

You cannot gauge popularity well by looking at number accepted and attended. For example, students might be interested in a college and even apply, but if they are not accepted, they don’t show up on the stats. Stats are also near useless with such a small sample of admits.

That said, in the most recent available year (2018), the college with the most attending and presumably most applicants was Santa Monica. It had a high 95% yield. Nobody was accepted to University of Chicago. It’s not clear whether nobody applied to Chicago, or some applied, but were not accepted. Either way, it doesn’t suggest Chicgao is popular at this HS, which is understandable, given the southern CA location.

–Most Attending–

  1. Santa Monica – 139/146 = 95% yield
  2. Oregon – 9/23 = 39% yield
  3. UCLA – 8/18 = 44% yield
  4. CSUN – 8/20 = 40% yield (this is supposed to say tie #3,)
  5. UCSB – 8/23 = 35% yield (this is supposed to say tie #3,)

–Among highly selective colleges–

  1. UCLA – 8/18 = 44% yield
  2. USC – 6/17 = 35% yield
  3. Berkeley – 4/12 = 33% yield
  4. Princeton – 2/2 = 100% yield
  5. UT Austin – 2/2 = 100% yield (this is supposed to say tie #4,)

    U Chicago – 0/0 – Nobody was accepted or attended

I would say that U Chicago has, for as long as can remember, managed to stay very “on brand.” They have a very smart admissions and marketing department. Since their message and attitude is clear and is distinct from the other schools, their applicants may be more committed. I didn’t go to U Chicago, but I’ve been consistently impressed by those I meet who did. They have a type. I my day it was the high scorer, back when 800s were few and far between, who might not have had perfect grades but actually read for pleasure. Now it is obviously more demanding and yet I feel like it is the same kind kids they are taking and attract.

The key is which schools were turned down by the four that got into and attended UofC.

I’d guess that the one that turned down Harvard maybe attended Yale or heck even USC or UCLA on a big scholarship. How many applied to MIT? Cal Tech?

Why would BHHS’s college decisions for a handful of students in 2017 matter more than other public schools? If you think just bc it’s located in Beverly Hills and therefore they are fabulously wealthy and have choices, that’s not really the case.

I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to get from this. 4 kids in 2017 chose UChicago over other Ivies. Neat? It’s a pretty big school.


What do Harvard and Yale students have in common?

Both got into Yale.

(It’s a well known joke. Wish I could find the “Harvard Backup School” link that goes right to the Yale website but it must have been taken down :laughing:)


I’ll stop worrying about competing schools when you do–or the world does. You make silly, wild and unsubstantiated claims about Harvard and Stanford and rush to their defense. But attack me for quoting the actual facts about UChicago. Harvard and Stanford don’t rate very high in world history. And given the low caliber and ridiculousness of most of the top schools today, I can’t take seriously anyone who makes claims about their importance. The world has moved on and so should you. Harvard and Stanford are on a rapid downward spiral. Deal with it.

Um, you forgot a few facts about 2018, when no one was accepted or attended UChicago.

3 Accepted, 1 Attended

1 Accepted, 1 Attended

And there’s 2016

1 Accepted, 0 Attended

1 Accepted, 1 Attended

You’re right. I already posted how much more UChicago is at all the top prep schools. Beverly Hills is more prestigious than your high school and so is Harvard-Westlake.

There are thousands of college acceptance videos on YouTube. This false claim on College Confidential that everyone applies to Harvard or Stanford or wants to go there is ridiculous. The accepted videos for Harvard and Stanford students show most get rejected by several schools. We can’t assume that just because they got into Harvard or Stanford that they got into UChicago. I’ve seen plenty of examples in which they didn’t. College admissions is an art not a science. The admit rates are all too low and close for the decisions to all be the same. For something like law school, where admissions is more mechanical, you can probably guess which school people got into based on whether they got into another top school or not. But there is a certain arbitrariness in college admissions these days. I have seen videos in which a Harvard was rejected by all the other top schools except Harvard. And I’ve seen the same for Stanford.

I like your fighting spirit, @WRHarper . You do your namesake proud. I believe it was Aristotle who said, “All humans by nature desire to come to the University of Chicago.” I reckon your figures prove it.

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Why is it that this type of threads only appear in UChicago forum? And frequently? OP seems to be trying to draw “conclusions” based on the most minuscule amount of sketchy “data”. We don’t how many students applied to UChicago. We don’t know what other schools they’ve also applied to. We don’t know whether any of the schools are representative, even in their segment. We know so little, and yet we’re trying to draw a conclusion? No one argues that UChicago isn’t a great school, and I sure hope its students know better how to properly draw conclusions than what’s shown here.


I have the figures for Beverly Hills High School for 2016-2020. UChicago is back on top for 2019 and 2020.

Regardless, let me make this clear–Harvard-Westlake is the number one school in California. UChicago blows Havard and Stanford out of the water there. Also at the College Preparatory School in Oakland (see the prep school post for figures). I only posted the Beverly Hills High School figures because it shows how many applied and attended. Not everyone breaks it down that way.

But here’s why it matters. New York, like Harvard, is on the decline. New York will soon fall into the ocean. Massachusetts, too. California is number one. Los Angeles, in particular. So the fact that UChicago owns California and Los Angeles means it is well positioned for the future.