UChicago or Columbia College?

<p>With some sort of luck, I was accepted to both schools. Honestly, I can't even start to compare these two because they are both great, probably in different aspects. I feel this is a hard choice, so any insight would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>btw, I applied as a junior transfer and will continue majoring in economics. I will also take advantage of the public policy program if I were to go to UChicago, or the sustainable development program if Columbia College.</p>

<p>Again, thanks for the help!</p>

<p>Congratulations! If you haven't done so already, you should post this question in the Columbia University and University of Chicago forums. You will get better information there about the programs that interest you.<br>
Because both colleges have a core, you should map out how you can complete your requirements.</p>

<p>@Burb Parent: Thanks! I am posting here because I am not sure if I will get the most impartial comments in respective school forums...Am I wrong about this concern?</p>

<p>Ask about the public policy program on the UChicago forum and the sustainable development program at the Columbia site.<br>
As you can see, you are unlikely to find people with insight into either program on the transfer forum. You can also ask your question at College Search and Selection or try the Parents Forum.
Most people would place UChicago's economics above Columbia's. However, they are close. That's why you should consider the programs you want within the major and other aspects of a degree from either. When you hear back, just try to understand how much exposure the responder has to both programs if that person is making a comparison between the programs.</p>

<p>Columbia man!!!</p>

<p>Unless you want to get destroyed by the economics homework from UChicago, go to Columbia. My professor told me UChicago is not as good as the ivy league for undergraduate education.</p>