UChicago Statistics/Computer Science

<p>As of now, I'm fairly certain that I'd like to declare an economics major at U of Chicago when I get there in the fall. When I was initially thinking about U of C, I was also impressed by the reputation of their mathematics department and was thinking about going into the math w/specialization in econ route.</p>

<p>However, after learning a little more about what math at the undergrad level was like (highly theoretical, proof-based), I realized that I was more interested in using mathematics to solve concrete problems rather than to understand the theoretical underpinnings of theorems. </p>

<p>Given the quantitative nature of economics at U of Chicago, I'd say that the coursework for that major would probably satiate my desire for the more applied side of mathematics quite well. However, I'm also thinking about other areas of specialization that might play to this interest. In particular, I'm thinking about taking a lot of courses in computer science and statistics. </p>

<p>I've heard a lot about the math department, but do any of the current students at U of Chicago have any insight with regards to the stats and comp sci. departments? How well regarded are they and what are the focuses of the programs on? My guess is that the statistics program is well regarded, but the computer science coursework focuses on the theoretical aspects of computer science rather than software engineering.</p>

<p>Traversing across math / stat / econ / cs is very doable and is looked upon positively by advisers and faculty - although selecting econ as ones major for diploma purposes remains the most popular way to do this. In fact, such mobility is essential if you want to apply to certain fields for graduate studies (e.g. operations research, financial engineering). After you test the mathematical waters in your first year you should be able to determine which specific courses are right for you.</p>