UChicago travel log/art project from a deferred applicant?

<p>Hello, all! </p>

<p>Quite a while ago on this board I came across a post from a student who was deferred from UChicago, and, dissatisfied with the essays they had submitted, created a BEAUTIFUL travel log or something similar about a camping trip they had been on, if I remember correctly. It linked their interests with their attraction to UChicago and was simply gorgeous. They got in RD. If this post sounds familiar to any of you, I would really appreciate it if you could point me in its direction. Thank you!</p>

<p>This sounds VERY similar to a girl I follow on Tumblr... she's at UChicago right now.</p>

<p>cellist: I believe she's in FLA. at the moment, yes? And her book was truly stunning in its originality and passion.</p>

<p>Might be the same girl! Cellist, would you mind directing me to her tumblr via pm? Thank you!</p>

I believe she's in FLA. at the moment, yes?


Yeah, she's in Florida right now literally, lol. I feel like such a creeper.</p>

<p>can you PM it to me, too? thanks!</p>

<p>I would be interested too. Why don't you post it here so everybody looking for it can see?</p>