<p>Colleges:Uchicago / UF / Vandy
White male from florida

<p>Sat: 760M/560R = 1320/1600 (UF/Uchicago dont use the writing)</p>

<p>IB Diploma
(hardest schedule possible: HL Math, HL Bio, HL Econ,ap physics,bc calc etc.)</p>

bc calc- 3
macroeconomics - 4
physics -pending</p>

NHS (11, 12-treasurer)
SNHS (10,11,12- historian)
Engineering Club (11,12- VP)
Web Designers (11,12- representative)
JV Cross country (11,12)
JV Track (11,12)
Junior Board (11)
Senior Board (12)
Math Honor Society (11,12)</p>

Youth group every week (9-12)
bible study every week (9-12)
vaction bible school helper (yearly; 9-12)
around 200+ volunteer hours (mainly from habitat for humanity) (9-12)
math tudor
coached championship winning basketball team
i do triathalons</p>

<p>Awards (kinda):
IB top grades (11,12)
IB leaner profile (11,12)
perfect attendance (9)</p>

<p>quite simply you need to bring up your 560 reading..there's no way with that score. the rest of your stats look good to me.</p>

<p>Most likely rejection at Vanderbilt and UChicago</p>