UChicago Vs Northwestern

<p>Whose the best in overall academics?</p>

<p>Why would you personally pick one over the other?</p>

<p>Which department(s) are you talking about? Both colleges have clear strengths and weaknesses academically among their various departments. Overall, they're pretty much equal.</p>

<p>The social scene is much better at Northwestern, or at least that's the common perception. I don't have any personal experience in this area, so I can't say for sure.</p>

<p>I can say from personal experience that Northwestern is in a much better area. Hyde Park isn't that ghetto-ish, but it certainly comes close. There aren't many dining, shopping, or entertainment options nearby (within walking distance), either. Evanston, on the other hand, is much more typically suburban and has everything you would want on an everyday basis. Its downtown area is fairly built-up and has many good restaurants and such.</p>

<p>chicago, better academics, there is no question
northwestern, better social life, no question</p>

<p>last year, i got into both as a freshman, decided on cornell though, i would have gone to Northwestern</p>

<p>as of now, i applied as a transfer, and i think i would go to chicago over northestern, and i got into chicago already, still waiting for NU, it could change</p>

<p>::chicago, better academics, there is no question::</p>

<p>ahem, i believe there IS a question, namely what department are you comparing? Northwestern has a number of departments that beat out U Chicago, and U Chicago in turn has a number of departments that overtake Northwestern's. </p>

<p>Although I will agree that NU's social life is better!</p>

chicago, better academics, there is no question


<p>I believe Northwestern has a much better engineering department. Why, you ask? Because UChicago doesn't offer engineering. :)</p>

<p>Again, academic strength totally depends on which department you're talking about. There's no difference between these schools in "overall academics."</p>

<p>UChicago is better in liberal arts (though NU does have better chemistry, art history..etc). But NU's greatest strength lies in its preprofessional programs like engineering, journalism, communications, music, and education. UChicago is very limited in those areas.</p>

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<p>I was speaking in terms of liberal arts/ economics. I've got my answer.</p>


<p>out of curiosity, what about cornell made you want to transfer? I go to Union College, also in upstate NY, and Cornell is among the schools I have considered, though i have heard worrysome things about it. I am also interested in Northwestern.</p>

<p>I'd go NU over UC. Both have excellent accademic programs, but NU is a much nicer campus, with more of the traditional college feel. Plus, you get the benefit of Big 10 athletics.</p>

<p>UC Econ would be tough to pass on though, but overall - school for school - I think NU offers a better overall experience.</p>

<p>If you're a geek, go to UChicago. If you want to join a frat, go to Northwestern.</p>

<p>^Misleading. There are fraternities (albeit very different) at U Chicago, and there are plenty of geeks at NU (I was one).</p>

<p>Uchicago might have better academics (which really means nothing. you can learn a lot wherever you go if its a top-30 school), and its students are notorious for having no life, being ugly, and supposedly it's harder to get As at Uchicago than at Harvard.
I'd choose NU in a heartbeat but that's just me.</p>

<p>I just noticed -- this thread was started in 2006. Some things never change.</p>

<p>As a graduate student at Harvard and a Northwestern alum (and someone who has great respect for UChicago and visited it numerous time because of friends and to consider their law school), the undergrads at Harvard are closer to Northwestern than to UChicago. Obviously, all are extremely smart, but Harvard and Northwestern students are also streetwise and sociable. On the whole, Harvard and Northwestern students are also more interested in the practical applications of their work than UChicago students, which makes for a different campus vibe.</p>

<p>In some ways, the institution you go to and the people who comprise it will mold who you will become, so it's important to choose wisely :). Neither is a better approach, but of course, you want to find the best match for you in terms of who you are and whom you want to become.</p>