uci 1st semester grade checks

<p>Is uci requesting these this year? Has anyone got one?</p>

<p>no i'm pretty sure all UCs only require you to turn in official transcripts after you're accepted.</p>

<p>some uc's send out requests for your senior grades if your borderline on getting in; i'm just wondering if uci did it this year.</p>

<p>doesn't seem like it</p>

<p>i don't think UCI did this year, is it true that all UC's send rejection letters at teh end of the month? i'm kind of worried because i havent gotten anything yet, but i have a couple friends that been rejected from UCR and irvine already</p>

<p>It depends on the UC. UCLA and Berkeley will post all their acceptances and rejections at once. I got rejected from both Davis and UCSD in mid March last year. However, I know UCI waits till the end of March to start sending out rejection letters.</p>