UCI acceptance

<p>ok so i applied to 5 colleges. my list from first to last choice: UCI, CAL poly slo, UCSB, UCSC, and Long beach as my safety. so far ive been accepted by all of them except CAL poly slo and I have yet to hear from UCI. has anyone heard from UCI yet? or does this mean im probably going to be rejected :(.</p>

<p>Seriously.. why is everyone suddenly retarded around admission decision time.
They state Mid-March to Late April they will be releasing admissions decisions. What part of that don't you understand? The time period has nothing to do with how good or bad of a student you are.</p>

<p>uh retarded???? more like anxious. this uci decision is keeping me from visiting colleges sooner and sending in my SIR. i was just wondering if other people have heard from UCI or not.</p>

<p>rejected for sure.</p>

<p>kidding, UCI releases them in batches. They released the first one a couple weeks ago so I'm thinking they will release another one soon. The time it takes to hear back has no correlation to admittance or denial. Welcome to the forum btw haha</p>

<p>if anyones interested here are my statistics:</p>

<p>3 years in community college
completed all igetc
2.9 gpa...
declared philosophy as major but im thinking about changing it to psych</p>

<p>changing? lol. good luck with that. changing to an impacted major is near freaking impossible. i know quite a few philosophy majors that want to change their majors to business-econ, psych or poli sci... should of thought of that before, lol.</p>

<p>is there a specific time of day that the schools release decisions? i know its typical to check at midnight, but i saw some other posts with people saying they got in at some random times. what the deal?</p>

<p>from what I gather, decisions have been posted around 11pm but emails sent around 3am.</p>

<p>but who knows...</p>

<p>and to the OP, don't worry, there are TONS of us that haven't heard back from UCI yet!</p>

<p>wow you can get into irvine with a 2.9?</p>

<p>hotel-of course you can, the minimum GPA you need to have to apply to any uc is a 2.4 i believe.</p>

<p>DANG! They make it so easy to get in! Should we be proud to be admitted? lol</p>

<p>it depends on the major. you cant get in as engineering with a 2.9</p>

<p>is that minimum gpa for a transfer or just in general? because for undergrads you have to have a 3.0, 3.4 out of state.</p>

<p>Yes, you can get into UCI with a 2.9.</p>

<p>In 2006 they admitted 571 people with a 2.80 - 2.99 GPA.</p>

<p>Yes but they all saved orphans, kittens and orphaned kittens from burning buildings.</p>

<p>mattn: thank you for that....it was glorious</p>