UCI Business Administration vs. UCSD Econ?!!!

<p>I got accepted to both, but I cannot decide on which one!!!</p>

<p>Please help!!! </p>

<p>P.S : I'm a transfer student.</p>

<p>It depends, do you want to Economics or Business/Accounting? Pretty simple.</p>

<p>UCSD’s graduate econ program is ranked very high. (i think applies to undergrad too since its under same department). UCI has a growing business administration program that is becoming very reputable. It all comes down to which one you would rather do. and which campus u would like to live in.
Lemme know if u got any questions. i’m a ucsd transfer.</p>

<p>Thanks for your inputs! </p>

<p>Well I’m from around the Irvine area so I know what it’s like to live there. I heard UCI’s college life is pretty dead and it’s mainly consists of commute students. If it comes down to the campus decision, I would pick UCSD over UCI. But as for the major, does UCI’s Business admin > UCSD’s Econ? I guess for future sake, do business schools care which one I graduated from? Also, I got in for Muir College.</p>

<p>@enprovence. Why would u wanna major in business administration if ur going to business school again? Business Schools care about gpa and experience, doesn’t really matter what major u have. also, how would u compare uci’s business admin to ucsd’s econ? </p>

<p>Irvine is beauuuuuuutiiiiiifullll</p>

<p>Economics and Business/Accounting are two totally separate things. Which do you want major in and take classes for the next 2-3 years? Both schools have a reputation for being boring, though I think that it is a little exaggerated. Visit both schools if you haven’t yet. But you should really think about which subject you want to study; they are not the same.</p>

<p>@Laforlife i dont get why both these schools have reputations for being boring ><</p>


<p>lol, I’m not sure. I think it’s because a significant amount of people commute, which obviously doesn’t make the school boring. But still, I think that they are just as good of choice, if not better than, Santa Barbabra and Davis.</p>

<p>@laforlife people on these forums have stated , UCSD = UC Socially Dead. i roffled</p>


<p>LOL. Not really true, but pretty funny though.</p>

<p>@laforlife r u planning on attending ucla? (hence the name)</p>


<p>Yes, lol, I am.</p>

<p>LAforlife is correct. It is pretty simple, do you want Business Economics or Busines Administration/Accounting?</p>

<p>I chose Irvine for Business Admin because of the positions I would want in the future. </p>

<p>Plus, I can’t stand taking 10 more econ courses</p>