UCI Business Information Management

<p>I was accepted in the BIM major at Irvine, but am not sure if UCSD's Economics major would be better for Big4 recruitment. I really would like to attend both schools, but unfortunately, I can only pick one. Which one would be a better school for future business career? Thank you!</p>

<p>I’m doing BIM because I want an education in both Business and Computer Science. Isn’t that why you applied to UCI with that major? I believe BIM is for prospective students who are generally headed into the Computer Science field, but would like to have some sort of knowledge in Business.</p>

<p>Big4 recruit pretty strongly here… I do not know how it is like in SD. But the big4 have been on a hiring frenzy starting this yr.</p>

<p>Seok: in my case, I want to continue with business while having basic understanding of CS.</p>

<p>Junshik: that’s actually great to hear, because I’ve been leaning towards Irvine. Although SD is “higher tier,” it doesn’t offer a mix of business/CS :/</p>