**UCI Class of 2024 Discussion Thread**

Per a request, I have started a discussion thread for all prospective Freshman applicants and hopefully admits.

hi! are u guys expecting chp to come out tmw?

Applicants: Check the portal. Daughter got accepted this afternoon.

My daughter was accepted into their Campuswide Honors Collegium so I presume these are early admits.

Status updated today! Accepted to CS.

D20 accepted today with CHP! Political Science major

DS was also just accepted to the Campuswide Honors Collegium.

Son got acceptance email. Does anyone know if Regents email roll out yet?

Does Campuswide Honors come with any scholarship?

My daughter got it as well, and her UCSB Chancellors invite today as well! Very good day for her :smiley:

Congrats folks!

Today, DS got accepted into Computer Science.
Also, saw this one in his letter:
"Congratulations! You have been selected for UCI’s Campuswide Honors Collegium (CHC)! "

I assume, that is their “honors program”. Can any expert confirm if my understanding is correct?

Yes! Is you DS in CS or CSE? My DS is in CS.

Did anyone get the UCI Regents Scholarship? My son is selected for the CHC as well but no mention of the Regents. I am asking because in 2017, my older son got the Regents at the same time as the admission letter.

No Regent … I read from 2023 forum that comes later?

Thank you very much the for info.

My son got into UCI Campuswide Honors Collegium. Congrats to all the kids who got in.

My S got selected for chp as well but no mention of regents or any other scholarship?
Can somebody elaborate on the financial part of chp program?

Accepted for CHP!

Daughter accepted, environmental engineering, honors program today.

D20 got accepted today also. This is earlier than we’d expected so a nice surprise!