UCI Economics vs Business Admin.

<p>I applied for Business Admin and Economics as alternate</p>

<p>and i got accepted to UCI under Economics..</p>

<p>I am still waiting for UCB BUS</p>

<p>Applied : UCB, UCLA, UCI, UCSD</p>

<p>Accepted : UCI(Economics), UCSD(Economics)</p>

<p>Rejected : UCLA(Bus Econ)</p>

<p>The question is "what is the difference between Economics and business admin?"</p>

<p>I will go for MBA ASAP</p>

"what is the difference between Economics and business admin?"


<p>Look at the general catalog. Look at the curriculum for both.</p>

<p>2009-10</a> General Catalogue Index to Academic Programs and Courses</p>

<p>Business admin is about accounting/marketing/management/finance</p>

<p>Economics is economics. Economics doesn't have to be business related but can be. UCI offers some finance related courses under the economics but also things unrelated to business like economics of the environment. </p>

<p>Major does not matter for MBA. Any major is fine. It is more about work experience. You can be an english major and go into an MBA program. But the key is work experience. So majoring in something more practical would be the best choice in landing a job after graduation. Economics or business should be fine at that. I would choose business if I had the choice but that is my bias opinion.</p>

<p>Itransfer is right. Stanford English majors can go to HBS. What you need to do is go to a top undergrad school and get a nice job out of college, work 4-6 years, then apply for your prospective business schools.</p>

<p>Economics doesn't prepare you for an MBA, but you can still get an MBA with it. While it's true you can get an MBA with any practical major, "Business Econ" or "Management Science (UCSD)" is geared toward getting an MBA because it coincides more with the focus of the MBA i.e Finance/Management.</p>

<p>What both of them said is right though; work experience here is king. get an internship at Goldman Sachs or something and you'll pretty much get into any school you want for your MBA. Spend two years at Goldman and you'll get any job you want in the finance world.</p>

<p>Business is TECHNICALLY a subset of economics for those wondering... they're both technically social sciences which evaluate human
business is generally more focused.</p>

<p>few things to note</p>

<p>UCSD's econ program is ranked on par with UCLA's econ program. UCSD's management science program is pretty solid and is basically a harder version of econ, MS is probably a better choice for making yourself qualified.</p>

<p>UCI has two alternative economics majors, business econ and quantitative economics.
bus econ is basically econ plus a few small accounting courses which helps show you'd work well in the business world. Quant econ is basically econ with a bunch of econometrics classes. Quant econ is what UCI recommends if you intend to go into graduate school and furthermore it shows employers that you can analyze situations in quantitative terms.</p>

<p>it's also what you want to take if you want to be an investment banker.</p>

<p>jwblue89, If you don’t mind, what were your stats when you applied for uci biz admin and econ? Thanks!</p>