UCI Engineering

<p>Hello everybody. I had a quick question about applying to UCI as Biomedical Engineering.
UC GPA- 4.3
SAT 1930 (700m 660w 570cr.....)
SAT II (US Hist 650, Math II (Havent taken it, but will probably score between 650-700..)
EC: Soccer 12 years (4 Years HS). Captain of club team for 2 years. AVID Tutor Junior/Senior years. Work as a certified CSL Referee. NHS/CSF/ etc..</p>

<p>Since my SAT is so low, does that have a big impact on my chances of being accepted as an engineer? If they do not accept me as an engineer, do they consider my alternative major? </p>

<p>Thank you in advance for your replies.</p>