UCI Engineering

<p>i just want some engineering majors at UCI to tell me how the engineering program is, specifically EE. i really want to go to this school but many people are telling me that the engineering program is not very good. my other choice is Cal Poly SLO. i heard that engineering jobs look mostly at graduate school and masters degree, so does undergrad university reeally matter.?</p>

<p>bump on this, and not to hijack your thread, but in addition can someone tell me how the CSE major is? how difficult is it and will I be able to enjoy myself with a decent social life?</p>

<p>kevinf: WITHOUT A DOUBT, Cal Poly would be the better choice for you. Cal Poly has frequently been rated within the Top 5 Public universities for engineering. The "hands on" work you do there, better prepares you for jobs that they will set you up with. its great! too bad i didn't get in</p>

<p>i was told by a friend that SLO is the number 1 school for engineering in the US as a public school, number 3 in the state of cali or somewhere around that...</p>

<p>but is it true that graduate schools look mostly at GPA rather then the school that you come from.</p>

<p>kevinf, I do not know enough to comment on the difference between UCI and Cal Poly SLO, they both are good schools. But as far as engineering jobs are concern, most are for undergraduates. In fact entry level engineering jobs are mostly recruited from BS degree holders.</p>

<p>can anyone who is a engineering major in uci give me opinions on it</p>