UCI Financial Aid

So my Cal Grant has not been processed yet and I was awarded a UC Irvine Grant that basically covers the tuition. I was wondering if this grant will be taken back/removed/cancelled once my Cal Grant has been processed, which would also cover my tuition. I’m not sure if UC Irvine is really willing to disburse to me over $10,000.

Did you get the Blue & Gold Opportunity plan? If so, that might be where the grant from UCI came from. They use the grants the government gives you towards tuition, and the UCs pay whatever is left over (i.e. if your grants only covered 14,000/15,000 (hypothetical) tuition, in this case a UC would give you a 1000 grant). If your Cal Grant hasn’t been processed yet, they might have just assumed you didn’t get one and paid the difference.

Yes, I received the Blue and Gold plan. The UCI tuition is 13,900 and the grant they gave me was 12,200. So once my Cal Grant is processed, which is 12,570, the grant would be reduced to cover the rest of the tuition?