Uci For Business

<p>I've heard that the business administration is almost impossible to get into since they accept only 150 students per year. However, the alternatives I found at UCI for business were business economics, international studies, and straight up economics. I have also found that UCI also has a minor in management. Can anyone tell me more about these or UCI's business program in general?</p>

<p>i feel the dread in waiting too..</p>

<p>does anyone know anything about their arts program?</p>

<p>The business administration program is starting out small as they don't have enough faculty to accept more than 150 per year at the start. However, I'd argue if you do get in, it will be a great program. I don't know much about business school, but the major is in the Paul Merage School of Business which if I'm not mistaken is a very good business school.</p>

<p>I'm a first year business econ major at UCI and will probably end up minoring in management as well. Last year at admitted students day I went to the business school booth and the rep told me about the new major and how competetive it would be to get into. He did say that majoring in business econ and minoring in management would be just about the same thing as major in BA. Now that I think about it I'd rather have a strong economics background anyway as a lot of the business stuff you can learn on the job anyway.</p>

<p>Either way you're going to get a great education and both are great majors that will take you places.</p>

<p>^ thats just what i was planning to do too!
except i have to get into uci first. i hope i do x_x</p>

<p>my status changed today</p>

<p>You are being considered for the Biological Sciences major.
- Alternate Major: BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES</p>

<p>I was considered for BA until today. So i guess its full</p>

<p>To remix
can you tell me what the acceptance letter said on the webiste.</p>

<p>Do you guys know much about the Paul Merger School of Business? i checked and I got in this morning. I thought they were going to choose my alternative major, political science, but they switched a day ago.</p>

<p>It's a very good business school and you'll get to be part of the program as it's growing which could be good and bad.</p>

<p>its only a graduate school right?</p>

<p>Well right now it's emphasis is its MBA Program. There's an undergraduate minor in management offered through the school and the new Business Administration major will be offered through it as well. They're trying to expand to undergrad as well as they see a need for a good undergrad business education as well.</p>