UCI (honors) vs UCSD Roosevelt College - Which program is better for CS?

I have been accepted to both of the aforementioned colleges for CS, and I was wondering which one would overall be better. It is to my knowledge that UCSD is considered to have a better CS program, but the college I got into requires over nine humanities GED’s, many of which are time-intensive.

Which choice would be overall better for me in the long run?

A CS degree is highly marketable from either school. Pick the school where you feel the best fit: academically, socially and financially.

UCI Honors will get priority registration so that is priceless since you can select the best class times and professors.

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Academically they are both great so, go to the one at which you feel most comfortable (In my experience comfortable kids do much better in school than those that chose perceived prestige over fit) )- spend some time on both campuses - talk to current students - one will speak more to you than the others.