UCI info

<p>3.65 HS GPA 3.78 UC GPA (toughest schedule my school can offer)5 honors, 6 AP by senior year. probably in top 10% in a good but not great public school.
1350 SAT 730 math
700 math
710 chem
610 eng.
ASian Indian
decent ecs but not great</p>

<p>I dont understand how so many of my friends got into UCI with a 3.7 GPA where as the avg GPA is like 3.86 now.
I dont understand the way the GPA works could someone explain to me and also for my chances</p>

<p>thank you</p>

<p>someone reply</p>

<p>I think your in, especially if you're and ELC(Eligibility in Local Context) candidate...I'm an elc candidate and they just sent me a letter saying that all I have to do is apply and i'm in.</p>

<p>hey jblackboy, just because you're ELC, that doesn't mean you're definitely in, does it? Im ELC too...</p>