UCI off campus housing question.

<p>I am attending Irvine in the fall and I will move out there around late August or early September. Does anybody have any recommendations of where in Orange County a college student should live while attending UCI? I will have my car while I am at UCI. </p>

<p>There are some very good housing on north-east of the campus, camino del solo etc…they’re kinda expensive than normal UC dorms, but they’re new, furnished and very nice. I’ll be there if I don’t get into UCSD.</p>

<p>Go to Irvine Valley College, look at some of the fliers plastered everywhere, and you’ll seen hundreds of rooms/apartments being rented out.</p>

<p>The costs ranges from 600-1k depending on how nice it is, privileges, etc.</p>

<p>I think 800-900 is the average cost, which includes parking, internet, washing machine privilege, kitchen privilege, shared bathroom (private is rare since private baths are usually reserved for the master bedroom and the owner of the house usually takes it for her/himself)</p>

<p>The last paragraph is for rooms only. I don’t know too much about apartments.</p>

<p>yea I am thinking of living in a shared apartment or house my first year then my second year I will be on my own</p>