<p>At the moment, it's between those two. SCU is way more expensive, and I have no idea what my package will be. I dunno. I'd just like thoughts/comments on which is the 'better' school, although I know it all comes down to me. I want to major in English, possibly to become a journalist or public relations agent.</p>

<p>really they're both good schools...for me it would come down to the location..and i can hop on the bus and get to SCU in 10 mins...the area isn't too exciting...it's not near anything big, mostly suburbs...public transit is good around the area but it really doesn't go anywhere all that special...there's a lack of things to do in my opinion....i'd go with irvine, but i've lived near scu for 9 years so...i want to get away from here.</p>

<p>i'm maybe an hour or so away from scu. i dunno, it's a pretty enough campus. i'm just worried that i won't get into any of the harder schools i applied to, so now those two schools seem like not really choices, although in general i like those schools, just when i thought i had a bigger pool to choose from.</p>

<p>UCI is a better school and it's more than half the price of SCU. If money is a concern UC is the way to go. SCU is a good school with a beautiful campus but it's totally different. I know UCI has one of the best creative writing programs in the country not sure about the English major though. Check both schools out and see how you feel.</p>

<p>I was thinking about both these schools as well. I think i'm eventually going to end up going with scu. SCU has a beautiful campus and great education. I got into their business program which is #2 in the west and top 20 in the nation (top 5%). I think you should make visits before you decide. SCU does actually have some pretty good life around the campus. (SJ is very close by- santana row is pretty fun.. and sf has the clubs and shopping etc..) I don't know about UCI being a better school though (i guess overall in rankings it is?)</p>

<p>Rankings wise yes, but really it comes down to your major. As you said SCU has a good business program and UCI is just starting theirs so SCU would be the better choice for you.</p>

<p>I have visited both. I know UCI doesn't offer journalism, but I'm not sure if I'm set in stone on that as a career. I've had my fill of the SJ/SF etc area, but I wouldn't mind staying around.</p>