<p>I got rejected from UCD and UCSD, but I got accepted into both UCI and UCSB. I probably will not get into UCLA or UCB so I need to make a decision on which of these two that I should go to. My major is bio so can anyone tell which one is better in terms of academics?</p>

<p>For bio, i would guess UCI but i have no substiantial evidence.</p>

<p>UC schools are powerhouses for biology. You should go visit and see which environment fits you the best.</p>

<p>i like the location of uci - close the city but not in the city...
form what ive heard both schools you mentioned are really different...you should really go visit..
btw assuming im not getting into la and cal, im going to uci for chem..</p>

<p>and i agree with collegemom16 that most uc schools are major powerhouses for any science major....</p>

<p>Both are great schools, visit them and see which one you like.</p>

<p>funny you say. do i know you</p>

<p>Haha..Whats up chang. My bro told you didn't he?</p>

<p>Did you hear from Irvine yet? I hope you get UCI. Goodluck bro. I'll meet you when I come to the Bay.</p>