UCI still haven't received my AP scores yet!!!!

<p>i requested the college board to send my AP scores like two weeks ago!! I just checked "my test" and it says they still haven't received my score URGGG!!! Is this normal? how long does it take for the scores to arrive? should i call the Registration?! or should i wait?</p>

<p>When is your SPOP? </p>

<p>Don't worry, they will receive it in time. Stop being a worrywart! Everything will be fine :]</p>

<p>So i just told the CollegeBoard to send my test scores to UCI-and apparently they come out mid July, will they make it in time?</p>

<p>AP scores aren't released until July.</p>

<p>I'm in the same situation like Twinsfishy. I was worried since UCI wants the AP scores by July 15, but I'm not so sure if UCI will get the scores by then . . .</p>

<p>You guys still have time. CB will send them on time.</p>

<p>when i called collegeboard to send them, it said they wont be releasing scores until july 1st...is that enough time for collegeboard to send the scores?</p>

<p>The AP scores are released on July 1st! However, you wont receive them by mail until the third week of July. If you want to find out earlier you can call them, but that costs money. Since AP scores are available by July 1st, I think it makes sense that they will send it to UCI too.</p>

<p>sighhh i was scared that the score will be sent too late so i requested to send the AP test i took last yr even though i did take an AP test this may
wasted my 15 bucks URG
My SPOP is on 7/21</p>

<p>They will be there by SPOP.</p>

<p>^^^ I sure hope your right!</p>