<p>California resident
3.6 weighted GPA & 1580 SAT </p>

numerous awards in tennis including MVP
key club 4 yrs - officer 2 years
varsity tennis 4 yrs - varsity captain 2 yrs
national honor society - 1 year
link crew - 1 year
youth educator - 2 years</p>

<p>lots of community service and work experience during h.s. years</p>

<p>great essays on unique homelife situation in the past that motivated me to be an athlete scholar, second essay on tennis</p>

<p>chance me for UCSB, UCI, CAL POLY, UCD, and SDSU PLEASE</p>

<p>hmm it's tough because you have really good EC's for those schools but the stats are kind of low... I'd say for UCI/UCSB/UCD its a slight reach just because of the SAT score and the GPA but for SLO and SDSU I think you're a match. Def appeal to the UC"s if you really want in on them.</p>

<p>Decisions for SLO, and SDSU (and many for UCI and UCD) are already out.</p>

<p>I think you will get into CAL POLY and UCD and maybe UCSB.
San Diego state university will probably not take you because they have had like 60000 applicants this year and like only 7000 spots. I know like five people that got accepted to uci and UCSB and got rejected form SDSU</p>